Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 3)

There we go!
First time I think I dived into another movie the next day.
Without further ado...

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Previously with this franchise....

  • Really dug it. I've seen some nitpicky non-spoiler reviews that say it's not as good as "Future Past", or even put it below "First Class", and they can all fuck off. 
  • I'd put it even with "Future Past". 
  • Anyone who flat out says this is lackluster, or even bad, likewise needs to fuck off. If you saw this in the 80's your heads would have splattered. People are getting spoiled.
  • What people are dragging the score down for, is Apocalypse himself isn't a very deep character. I agree, but he's really just a force of nature for the X-Men to react to, and they all do a great job, and that's what matters. 
  • I've also heard "Jennifer Lawrence mails it in". She did well enough, X-Men movies aren't ever going to be Oscar contenders, and I was too caught up in the movie to study her every fucking twitch. 
  • McAvoy and Fassbender acted the shit out of this like they always do, so any whines about Lawrence are balanced out anyway.
  • I heard a lot of Jubilee going to the mall was cut, and I would have loved to have wallowed in 80's nostalgia, so I was pissed when I heard this, but the movie was long enough, and it turned out I didn't care. I'd like to see that stuff on the Blu-ray though.
  • Quicksilver has another awesome slo-mo scene. I dunno if it tops or equals the one in "Future Past", but I fucking loved it. 
  • Stan Lee cameo, and with his wife this time! Kewl!
  • Trailers give this away, but yep, Wolverine's in it. Not very much, but they make it count.
  • Plants the seeds for the fourth one they want to set in the 90's, and thus close the gap all the way back to X-Men 1. Fingers crossed for Dark Phoenix done right. 
  • Me and two other dudes were the only ones who stayed for the after-credits. I stress this every time, if you don't watch all of the movie, you're ripping yourself off. That's 40 cents of movie flushed down the toilet. Think that's nothing? It adds up. Ah, well, who needs you? I like the privacy and fresh air when the dummies pile out.
  • So far, for superhero flicks, I'd rank it Cap, then this, then BvS.
  • But again, like Cap, this rests on the shoulders of an excellent trilogy.
  • Definitely see go see it.

Next time, GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (8-D
45 days to go!
From 27 years (since GB2) , to a month and change.
Wow...we're finally here.
Damn. :-)

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