Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New logo for year 9!

From this... this.

Couldn't settle on one single look, so I just collage-ed titles of favorite movies.

No-prize to whomever can guess them all.

I'll have to remember for year 13 to collage all the Shmegalamonga logos.
The spare ones from year 3 will help me skip over 9 so that "M", ain't a rerun.

Previous changes.


B. D. said...

S - "Star Wars"
H - "Heavy Metal"
first G - "Ghostbusters"
first A - "Howard The Duck"
second G - "Ghostbusters II"
second A - "Aliens"
N - "Kung Fury"

Diacanu said...

S- Yep.
H- Yep
first G- Yep.
first A- Nope, but close. In the same Lucas-y Speilberg-y foodgroup. I'll help you out, it's actually a show.
second G- Nope, GB16. Close enough.
second A- yep
N- Nope.

Paladin said...

I like the new logo!

Diacanu said...


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