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I love the 70's (part 1)

Okay, they don't have "I love the 80s", on DVD, (and I woulda paid for it, really) so, (last resort, really) I was gonna pirate 'em, and burn 'em, but, man, what an ordeal on the modem, and what a waste of blanks, and...I have my own 80's memories.
I bought up a lot of the movies they featured, or I already had 'em, and I've got all the songs I loved, and...much as the comedians are funny, that's someone else's memories, so...

I quickly realized what I really wanted to do, was do my own "I love the 80's", but, then I needed to do all the decades of my life, and...I had thought to do something like that before,..but I was gonna do it with every single movie I could remember from each decade, but the list was huge, and...if I'd've started at the begining of Shmegalamonga two years ago, I'd still be doing it, that fell apart.

Then I was gonna do a little retrospective of each decade as I aged, and hit the decade milestones, and what I remembered, as a quickie thing...but...that was too quick...

So, I'm combining the ideas.
I'm doing the decades, with the Wikipedia lists of what was on the shows.
So, here comes "I love the 70's", Diacanu style.

All right, I wasn't born until '75, but, I'll do the years I didn't exist, cuz, stuff passed down to when I was born, like shows, movies, etc...


The Jackson 5

Oh, man...y'know, it wasn't worth it.
I hope America sees that now.
The way Michael went out, that was pathetic.
It just wasn't worth it.
I'd gladly give back Thriller, ABC-123, the whole deal for him to be alive, and not crazy.
Poor bastid.
Fame, and his crazy old man fucking devoured him.
And his old man ain't sorry. His old man truly thinks the fame was worth it.
Well, the MONEY was worth it to him.
Just so his ass ain't gotta work.
Sunuvabitch oughtta be executed.


Had 'em, loved 'em.

Sesame Street

Loved it, tought me to read.

The Partridge Family

Can't remember seeing a full episode.
Must've somewhere.
They just don't stick to my memory tape.
Don't get me started on adult Danny Bonaduche.
Ho-ly shit.

Hee Haw

*Groan, facepalm*

The Carol Burnett Show

We were a Carol Burnett household.
No Hee-Haw for us.
Classy broad.
They don't do TV like that anymore.
Never will, it's extinct.
S'all about Snookie now.
What a fucking downgrade, huh?

Love, American Style

Glad I missed out on this.
what pap.

Wife swapping

Eww, 70's were groosss!


These lingered into the 80's.
Always seemed a stupid idea from the time I could form thoughts in my head.
I was teeny-tiny thinking they were dumb.
I love being an adult now, and knowing that I was right.
About everything.
Everything that seemed stupid, was stupid, and I can philosophically back it all up now.
Like, waterbeds.
Imagine you're fucking right?
How do you get purchase?
Got no leverage.
Nevermind springing leaks, sleep apnea, SIDS if you put a baby on one...
Boy, people are stupid.
The inventors of all this garbage need to be punched in the chops.

The Newlywed Game

This came back in the 80's.

The Mod Squad

Never saw it, even in reruns.

The Odd Couple

This reran forever.
Pretty good.
Saw the original movie a few weeks ago on TCM.
Really great.

Elvis meets Nixon


Black Sabbath


Easy Listening Music (specifically The Carpenters & Bread)

My folks were into this stuff.
Soundtrack of my early childhood.
Still wistful for some of it.

Monday Night Football

Fuck off.

Love Story

Fuck off.

Neil Diamond

Fuck off.

The Beatles' breakup

Oh, shit, this must've been like 9/11, glad I missed it.

Wild Kingdom

Think this was still on when I was alive.


I wanted one of these forever, and didn't get one 'til like...I was fuckin' 10 and didn't give a damn no more...

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

He was the man.
Sesame Street would get me all hyper, and Mister Rogers was the chill-pill.
Good show.
Never be another one like it.
It's all mind-rotting insulting toy commercial crap for kids now.
I pity them.

Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret


The Brady Bunch

Ohhh, yeah, this never stopped being on.



I wish I could've seen this in its proper time.
Missed out.

The Electric Company

Still on when I was a kid.
Still on now, they brought it back.
Juuust as sappy.

Tom Jones

Granny porn.

Keep America Beautiful

Litter's making a comeback.

Hogan's Heroes

Never had a desire to watch this.
Just haven't.
F-Troop? Same deal.

Fiddler On The Roof

Didn't Fyvush Finkle play every character in this as he aged?
I think you could edit together an all Fyvush Fiddler.

Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven"

*Hums it*


Aw ghahhd!
People are fuckin' dumb.
They just are.

Soul Train

My family didn't watch this for some reason...

All in the Family

This we did.
Archie! Meathead!
I gotta own this on DVD.
Gotta do it.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Game of death with Bruce Lee.
That's the sphere I know him from.
Don't give a damn 'bout sports.

Hot pants

Heyy, there we go.


My friends had this.
I never did.
So deprived.

Three Dog Night's "Joy To The World"


H.R. Pufnstuf

H.R. Sucknfuck!!
He's the one who likes it rough!
*Evil cackle*

Dirty Harry

Never cought up on these.
I dunno...cought up on the Death Wishes, and...with the possible exception of the first one, they were abysmal, so..this period in vigilante/crooked cop'll pass.

Funny, I like the stuff inspired by it...
Punisher, Frank Miller Batman before Miller went weirdly fasc-oid....

Eh, whatever...

Ford Pinto

Don't care.



"I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing"

Heh, used this in this rant.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Masterpiece, still holds up.
Gene Wilder rules.
Roald Dahl was beautifully fucked up.


Kung Fu/Bruce Lee

A human god.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Said it before, tolerated Scooby, loved Fat Albert.

Stevie Wonder

Another member of Mount Olympus.

The Godfather

(Peter Griffin)
Don't like it...just don't like insists on itself.

Fat Albert

There we go.


Some dopey indian doctor described me a couple days ago as "who's the gentleman with the afro?".
I ain't got no afro, you goofball.
I've unintentionally grown me some whiteboy afros before, you'll know when it's an afro, twit.
Shit, if anything, I got the start of a Wolverine thing going on.


I gotta see this.
Oh, and I repeat my Michal Jackson rant from '70.

Lunch boxes

Took 'til '72 for lunch boxes?
..maybe they mean picture lunch boxes., my folks had Roy Rogers n' Howdy Doody n' shit...
I dunno...

Deep Throat

I really gotta see this.

The Poseidon Adventure

There's got to beee a mooorniiing aaafterrr!!

Sea Monkeys

Had these.
What a letdown.

Mark Spitz

Don't care.

Gaucho pants

Don't care.

The Bermuda Triangle

It's methane.

Josie and the Pussycats

Ma says I watched this as a kid, I totally don't remember.

Ziggy Stardust

Missed out.

"I Am Woman" and the Women's Liberation Movement

Got ruined by Dworkin-sm.



John Lennon and Yoko Ono on The Mike Douglas Show

Glad I missed it.


Omigawd, this was on CMT just last night.
Good flick, really.

The Brady Bunch Hawaiian episodes

Oh, man, saw these in reruns, freaked me out as a kid.
Now, just dumb.


Sanford and Son

This is still on.
Meh, s'okay.
Red Foxx's standup's better.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Loved all the Charlie Brown shit.
Still watch it sometimes out of nostalgia.

Kool & the Gang's "Jungle Boogie"

Tarantino revived this.
One of his better decisions.

Baby Alive

The doll, right?
Meh, don't care.

The Waltons

Suck it, John-Boy.

Live and Let Die (first James Bond outing for Roger Moore)

Roger Moore was my James Bond.
Could've done worse.
Some kids didn't even have a James Bond.
*Eyes the chasm that was the post-Dalton years*

Leisure suit

Harry would like 'em though.

Charlotte's Web

One of a litany of specials that made me bawl as a kid.

Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon

Missed out.

Shrinky Dinks

Worshipped this technology.

The Dating Game

Pabalum katering to the suppressed prurient impulses of whitebread middle-America.
How's that for snooty/sniffy, eh?
*Mean grin*

The Joy of Sex

Byeeoww chikka byeeoow byeeoow!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird"

Skynyrd and barbecue is why I let the south live.

The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour

Missed out.

Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs

Don't care.


Missed out.
Although...I'm told one of my weird baby phrases learning to talk was "mwa...Savalas".

Schoolhouse Rock

This hung around until I was a kid.
Youtubed a big bunch of 'em recently.


This came back in my pre-teens as "Rollergames!".
Big broads beating each other up, you can't beat that for entertainment.

Easy Bake Oven

Think my friend's sister had one.
Yeah, pretty sure.
Still going strong, I know, I stocked 'em at Toys R Us.


Doesn't ring a bell...

The Exorcist

Saw this on VHS in my early teens, still holds up as the scariest movie ever.
Disapointed it revived religiod crud though...



Think there was some Benji sequels floating around when I was little.
Always liked cats better.

Little House on the Prairie

Ugh, this lasted foooreeeveerrr.
And it's still on in reruns on like, 3 channels.

Hong Kong Phooey

*Nods with a smile*

Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama"

Not as good as free bird.
Good working music though.
Gets ya through shelf stocking and such.

Good Times

Okay, I really like this show.
Some black people are offended by it, but fuck it, it had good writing.
For a sitcom, anyway.
At least it dealt with issues and such.
I dunno, people act like "The Jeffersons", was the big breakthrough black show, was like "I Love Lucy", all slapstick buffoonery.
I mean...George was a businessman, so that was progressive, was buffoonery...
Good Times had writing.
I can see the point of like "oh, they were in the ghetto, that's not a good image", and I can kinda see that, but...
I dunno, I like it.
A strong father figure in a black family, shit, you don't have that NOW, the Tyler Perry crap, the dad's always a clown, and all of it is ten times more buffoonish than Jefferson ever thought of being....and Tyler Perry gets fucking trophies thrown at him, and he's some kind of African American hero.
It doesn't goddamned make sense.
This whole race mess in America is gonna take centuries to iron out perfectly.
But fuck it, Good Times is good.
Up there with All In The Family, IMHO.
Buut, I'm a white boy, what do I know, right?
I'll shut up now...

Connect Four

Another game I lusted after, and never had.

Let's Make a Deal

Don't care.

Elton John

Y'know...not a fan.
Don't dislike his music, the top of my head, can't think of a song of his that I LOVE, y'know?

Day of the week panties

People are dumb.


Okay, this was funny, and needs to come back.

Blazing Saddles/Young Frankenstein

Put 'em in the Louvre.
I'm dead serious.

Magic 8 Ball

Okay, this silly little thing was never taken as seriously as Ouija, I think cuz it was an 8-ball.

An oversized componant of a sport that can't possibly function in that sport makes a humourous juxtoposition in the human brain for some reason.

Think of the wretched religions that could've been stopped if say, you had to wear an oversized catcher's mitt on your head.

Wouldn't have worked.

Or...maybe it would've.
Maybe Muslim fundementalists would take themselves just as humorlessly scary-seriously if they dressed up as Basketball mascots.
We'll never know.

Patty Hearst

Fuck her.

The Towering Inferno

Haven't cought up with this like Poseidon Adventure.
I think OJ poisons it.

Foxy Brown

Gotta see this.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Seen it.
Pretty damned good, but Last house On The Left is better.

Rumble in the Jungle

Missed it, saw "when we were kings", though.

Slip 'N Slide

Never had one.

Steve Miller Band's "The Joker"

Cute ditty.

Death Wish

Oh, well, here we go.
Sequels were abominations.
Even the first one was blatant in its NRA propaganda.
Don't like politics in my revenge movies.
S'why I much prefer the Thomas Jane "Punisher".

Happy Days

Yhep, this lasted forever.
Fonzie was there through my whole childhood.

And, here comes '75, and I finally exist.


Welcome Back, Kotter

Cought up on this on Nick at Nite.
Good show.
Predicted my pre-teens.

Big Wheel

Never had one.

Earth, Wind & Fire

*Thumbs up*

One Day at a Time

Hated it.
Liked Shnyder.
The broads needed a smacking.

Pet Rock

Once again, people are really fuckin' dumb.
Great googa mooga.

8 Track

Lotta fun with these babies.

Land of the Lost

Hulu-ed up some reruns of this recently.
Sss, wow...
Corny-ass effects bad acting,...but...they really tried with the SF in the stories though...very imaginative.
Haven't seen the Will Farrel movie.
I've heard that's probably for the best.

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

Faintly remember this.
Had a Grizzly Adams metal wastebasket for ages.


Don't care.


Didn't have one.
A friend did though.
I sucked at it.
Still do.
Have it on "Atari Museum".
Asteroids is more my game.
Not too shabby at Centipede either.

The Shazam!/Isis Hour

I'm told I had a raging crush on Isis.
I wish I could remember.

Captain & Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together"



Don't remember it.

Morris Albert's "Feelings"

Skookkt, ptooey!!

The Secret Life of Plants

....people are really, really, REALLY fucking dumb.
It's staggering.
Almost awe inspiring.

Saturday Night Live

Ahh, this is when the world really started to get good.
The 70's SNL, another masterpiece for the Louvre.

Erhard Seminars Training

Gawd, more cult crap.
People will believe any bullshit you just fucking make up.
Un-fucking believable.
Me and my pesky morals.
I could be rolling in it.

Squeaky Fromme and Sara Jane Moore

Meh, no comment, not overly versed in the whole Manson mess.

Barry Manilow

*Mumble, grumble*

Metrication in the United States

Metric system.
Didn't take.
what else is there to say?


Once, I saw graffiti on a small storage barn that said "Liberace, or glory?".
Saw it every day on the ride to Sweetser.
It was up there for a fucking decade.
WTH did that mean?
Was Liberace an adjective?
I'm sure it was meant as some homophobic statement involving AIDS, incoherant and obscure can you get?
And it was in big letters that covered a whole wall.
Some idiot thought that was clever enough to spend some time saying.
Well, I leave it for the reader to ponder.
Liberace, or glory?

Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy"


Mood ring

Didn't have one.

Tony Orlando and Dawn

Glad I don't remember.

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Funniest movie on the planet.


The blockbuster is born.
..well...not really, the '30's King Kong made 20 million in an era when movies cost a dime.
But, y'know what I mean.


Charlie's Angels

An excuse to ogle chicks.
Better occasions to do so, IMHO, than watch a crappily written pseudo-cop-show.
Just like how I can get me some pictures of Halle Berry any time I want, I don't gotta suffer through Catwoman.


Freaked me out back then.
Now, it's just cool to see them still going.
The music isn't high art, or anything, but the big hits are catchy.
I like Gene Simmons's reality show.
So, hey, KISS is responsible for that.

The Muppet Show

Ah, here we go, TV for kids gets decent.
Like Fat Albert, mentioned this in my first biography one.


Ah, the novel/movie that put Stephen King on the map.
And yet he doesn't like it.
The book, that is.
He's just fucking wrong.
So there.
He's just fucking wrong about the Kubrick Shining too.
The limp-dicked Shining miniseries is empirical proof that he's wrong.
So there, you've got my clearinghouse King rant buried in this too.
Oh, and all his best books were on cocaine.
So, don't say coke never did any good.

The Gong Show

Wish I could remember.

Family Feud


Donny and Marie


Oscar Meyer

Wow, thought they were like, from the 1800's like all these other big food companies.

Taxi Driver

Finally saw this 5 years ago, fucking great.
Holy shit.
Where was this all my life?
Everyone quotes the goddamned mirror scene to death, but all of it is so fucking great, that dumb little quote doesn't do it justice.
Fuck hipster quoters who don't even see the flick.
Ruiners of life.
See this fucking movie.
If you like stuff like Sin City, and Punisher, and Dexter, see this fucking movie.
Do it!

Starsky and Hutch

*Eye roll*
Okay, so one time, in my late teens, there was a marathon of this, and Spencer wanted us all to watch this all fucking day, and I didn't know how long it'd last, and I just faintly offered to maybe bring a movie from my collection as a backup in case,..I dunno, cable went out, or something, and Hyla's brother wanted me to, and I just started rattling off the top of my head what I had, and Ghostbusters was the first one, and he picked that, and we ended up watching Ghostbusters INSTEAD of Starsky and Hutch, and I could tell I had stepped on toes, and Spencer was huffy, cuz I ruined his little thing, but, clearly, no one else wanted to watch fucking Starsky and Hutch, and um...yeah.
So, tiny little things like that, probably resulted in tiny little acts of spite (in the bigger picture with everybody) that seemed inexplicable to me, because, those little moments of umbrage were things I had let go. I was oblivious.
I hate umbrage, if people have a problem with me, fucking say so, and hash it out with me, don't get all pissy, and commit treachery months later.
People suck.
Man, they suck.
And did I mention they're dumb?
"Liberace or glory?", dumb.
And Starsky and Hutch sucks.
I think Spencer would admit this, watching it was like, an irony hipster thing.
Screw that noise.
Goddamned 90's.
Ah, but we'll get to those....

Dr. J

Don't care.

Bigfoot/Loch Ness Monster


Peter Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do"


Car Wash

Didn't see it.


Stallone at his best.

Stretch Armstrong

I remember it, but, I never had one.
Had stretch Spiderman though.

Captain Kangaroo

My main mayun.
Great show for kids.
Up there with Mr. Rogers.
Slim Goodbody spun off from this.
And Bill cosby did Picture-pages.
Happy times.

The Bad News Bears

Wasn't into it.

United States Bicentennial

Was oblivious to this.


Wonder Woman

I called her "Tuts", for some reason.
Massive full on blushing boner crush on Linda Carter, even at two.
Her, n' Dolly Parton.
And Princess Leia, and Lois Lane.
But Tuts and Tits were at the top.

Battle of the Network Stars

Didn't see it.


I have nothing bad to say about Abba.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Wasn't really tuned into it at the time.
Still think it got overshadowed by better Speilberg flicks, and I'm fine with that.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Ah, yes, as I said before, my memory record sort of begins here.
Don't remember seeing it, but remember remembering it, because I acted the whole damned flick out with the figures.
Did the themes even, Vader's song, whole deal.
Yes, dammit, at two.

What's Happening!!

Didn't watch it.

Debby Boone's "You Light Up My Life"


Shields and Yarnell's familiar...*shrug*

Saturday Night Fever

Had to be a teenager then I guess...

Studio 54

No thanks.


Kick ass.

Son of Sam/New York City Blackout of 1977/1977 World Series

Oblivious to it all.

Smokey and the Bandit

That whole Bandit, "great big convoy", CB'er thing didn't do anything for me.

Annie Hall

Too little to see it, or relate to it.
Saw it in high school for film history class, still didn't relate to it.
Did like the part when Allen sics Marshall McLuhan on that one guy.



Punk rock

Oblivious to it.
Would've scared me.
Wish I'd've been a teen then.


Pretty sure I was in the living room when it was on, but I was oblivious to it.



Yep, changed my life.
With this, and Star Wars, I was a geek forevermore.

The Incredible Hulk

And this.
I actually met Lou Ferrigno at an autograph signing at a racetrack/civic center a few towns away...and I don't remember...dammit....I was too damned little.


Tadaa, more superheroes.


Too little, have obviously seen it by now, love it, love Carpenter.

The Price Is Right

Don't care.

The Commodores' "Brick House"

Cute ditty.


Granny panties.

Debbie Does Dallas

I tried to watch this online once.
It's like "football players fucking the cheerleaders right out of the gate? ...this isn't my fantasy, this is how shitty fucking high school was set up".
Turned it off after 5 minutes.
"Behind the green door", was some pretentious bullshit too.

Louise Brown

Oh, yeah, the first "test tube baby", that was like, an insult all through grade school.
Now, half of everybody is in-vitro, and no one cares.
Must've been some churchy bullshit that made this scary to people.

The Bee Gees

They're okay.


Eh, doesn't do it for me.
Maybe I gotta be a boomer? generations dig it too...
I dunno.
Maybe I had to like being a teenager, and I just plain didn't.

WKRP in Cincinnati

The damned theme song is burnt into my skull still, I'll tell you that much.

Rod Stewart's "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

Yuck, no, Rod.

B.J. and the Bear

I kinda almost sorta remember this.

CB radios

The message boards of their day.
And my grandmother was the Diacanu of her day.
She hacked someone off enough once they cut her wires.
Yep, the first board banning in my family.
I'm a chip off the old block. :)

Up In Smoke

Cought this on Comedy Central, frigging great.

Fantasy Island

De plane! De plane!
Now oddly this, I have clear memory of.
Guess a show had to have monkeys, or little people, or puppets, or green giants for me to remember clearly.

The Who/Led Zeppelin

Was oblivious at the time.


Beyond my skill level at the time.

The Wiz

Rented this in the 90's as one of my, Hyla, & Spencer's irony fests.
Just awful.
You've got the "ease on down the road", number, then the other songs are filler.
And you think Richard Pryor as The Wiz is gonna be awesome, but...nope, weak.
Not his best character.
Hey, remember the whole arc on "the facts of life", when Tootie was trying to become a star by getting in The Wiz, and she didn't get the part, and threw an incredible hissy fit?
Makes it worse now that I've seen this thing.
I dunno, cast was good, idea was okay...needed better songs...more of 'em.
Wasn't even laughably bad,
And that made the evening awful.
You want more bang for your buck at an irony party, dammit.

National Lampoon's Animal House

Too young for it back then.



Ma sat me in front of Chips, but, I didn't get nothin out of it.
Caught it in reruns some years ago.
Eh, not bad.
Not great.

The Warriors

Waaariooorrss, come out and plaaaay-aaayyy!!!
Wow, I saw this 5 years or so ago, and it clearly inspired every side scrolling street fighting video game like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Narc, etc.
They even did a Warriors game fairly recently.
Very ahead of its time.
Jaw dropping in its prescience.
Very cool.

Pop Rocks


Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive"


Apocalypse Now



Oh, holy crap, my grandparents were the first to get cable in our family, and they and my folks watched Alien on HBO, and it was too traumatic for my little eyes, so I was sent into the bedroom, where I watched...Blue Lagoon!!


Was unaware of this at the time.
Probably purposefully.
I would have destroyed the carpets with this.

But, it came back in the 80's with the He-Man Slime Pit.
Loved the stuff.


Great fucking show.

Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl/Pittsburgh Pirates win World Series

Don't care.


Never saw it.

Donna Summer


Candie's shoes


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Sorry ladies, Tuts had my heart.

Chippendale dancers


Three's Company

Alas, John Riiter.

The Jerk

Tied with Holy Grail for funniest goddamned movie ever.

Jimmy Carter's Swamp Rabbit incident

I wish I remembered this.

The Knack's "My Sharona"

Ah, it starts to turn into the 80's.

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels

Clearly remember this.

The Village People

Had no idea they were gay, or what gay even was.
I bounced on the bed singing "macho man", once with no sense of anything.

The Muppet Movie

Knocked my socks off, loooved the goddamn Muppets.
The part where Doc Hopper almost roasts Kermit's brain made me bawl though.
Damn, I was a tender kid then.

So...yeah, pretty decent decade, a lot of awful bullshit, but...cinema at large was undergoing a revolution.
Not too shabby.

On to part 2...

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