Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love the 70's (part 2)

All right, so VH1 did sequels, so since they did the 70's all over again, I gotta do 'em all over again.
Pain in my ass...
Although...I get to dwell on the 80's thrice!!
...and the 90's twice...*grumble*

I guess I coulda blended the sequel topics in with the originals...but...then that really woulda been a pain, and the first entry would go forever.
Better to just do it in their order, and cut it up.

So, same rules as last time.


Hawaii Five-O

There's a remake of this on now.
No interest, looks like a million other slick cop shows.
As for the original, never saw it.
Although there is the story that my uncle used to say to my grandmother "you just like McGarret's carrot!".
Insert Beavis laugh, and we move along...

AMC Gremlin

Don't care.

Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky"

Yep, that's a toe tapper.

Willis Reed and the 1970 NBA Finals

Don't care.


Didn't see it.


Hey, there we go!

Freda Payne's "Band of Gold"



Good flick.
Fairy tale though.
Well, Hollywood, whaddya want?


The basis of "Airplane!".

Three Dog Night

Can't think of their hits off the top of my head.
Sorry, don't got instant recall of everything.
I could Google it, but that'd be cheating.
I want these spontaneous.

First floppy disk

I wish I could say I missed these, but, good riddance.
What a pain in the ass way to run a computer, swapping a million damned disks around like it was a damned stereo set.
Thank the gods of silicon valley for the fucking harddrive.

Jimi Hendrix/his death

Oh, shit, Jimi died that year?
Glad I missed that.

Woodstock: The Movie

Transformers The (animated) Movie was my Woodstock the movie.
I often deeply philisophically ponder who got the better deal.

Casey Kasem's American Top 40

He was around when I was a kid.
I miss him, but, the countdown shows are obsolete in the Youtube world.
Shit, he's retired from being Shaggy too.
Damn, it all flies by, doesn't it?

Sly and the Family Stone

Ditto what I said for 3 dog night.
Just ain't ringing a bell.

Hippie fashions


Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Oh, yeah, the really depressing one...
Still quality though.
Before the budgets went to shit.


The Hollywood Squares


The French Connection

I've seen the famous car chase, gotta see the whole thing.

Carole King's Tapestry

Yeah, she's good.
Good set of pipes.

The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers

Was "paint it black", on that one?

Billy Jack

Saw this in film history class. loving hippies...need a karate-man white-half-indian to protect 'em?
Doesn't that as much admit pacifism doesn't work?
It boggles me every time I think of it.
And the song is burnt into my head along with WKRP.
It just won't leave.

Sears Toughskins



Loved these as a kid.
Had a million of the little film disks for it.
They made 'em for everything.

The Dick Cavett Show

Cought some reruns on TCM once.
Then of course, there was the famous scene in Nightmare 3.
Some of these would be good to have on DVD.

Grateful Dead

Overrated as fuck, I'm sorry.
Not into jam-band shit.
Buncha tootling that goes on forever and ever.
Play a fucking chorus, ya bastids!
Play a fucking chorus, and bring it to a finale, so I can take a fucking piss!


Lol, the I-tunes of their day.

Malibu Barbie

So, the deal is, she turns tan in the sun?
They should've and could've done a lot more with that technology.

The Flip Wilson Show

Didn't see it.
Ma had a comedy album by him, and played it for me once.
Pryor blew him outta the water though.

Jethro Tull




Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind"


Brian's Song

*Eye roll*
Tearjerkers for men?
What's next?
Nipples for men?
That's where we're headed if we don't nip this in the bud.



I gotta just sit down someday, and marathon this, Shaft, Foxy Brown, and Sweet Sweetbacks' baadasssss song.
And not as a damned dopey irony party either.
I really wanna see these.

The Paul Lynde Show

America seriously didn't know he was gay?
Well...they bought pet rocks, and talked to fuckin' plants, so....

Carly Simon and James Taylor

Carley Simon, there's another powerful chick singer.
Dad was/is a James Taylor fan.
So, heard that stuff all while growing up.

1972 Nixon visit to China/Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing


Pink Flamingos

Poppa poppa oo mow, mow, poppa oo mow, mow!!
Poppa poppa oo mow, mow, poppa oo mow, mow!!

*Mad cackle*

Alice Cooper

Y'know he got to hang out with Salvador Dali?
Son of a bitch.


I guess the deal was, this was even edgier than All In The Family?
I gotta see this.

Nerf footballs

Still around.

Miami Dolphins' perfect season

Don't care.

Goodyear blimp

Still around.

Billy Dee Williams

One smoooooth bastard.
What is there to say?
I'll never be this cool.
This is just biological fact.

Gary Glitter

Everyone still loves the "hey!", song though.
What can ya do? It's catchy as hell.

The Bob Newhart Show

Saw this on Nick at Nite.

Richard Pryor

A real original.
You gotta suffer these new young hacky black comedians saying how much they worship him, but they swim in his fuckin' wake.
There's no new Pryor coming.
I mean, Dave Chappelle does the edgy socio-political material he liked to do...but he dropped out of showbiz.
Kat williams does the deal of acting smooth, but then his material reveals his flaws, and foibles, and vulnerabilities, he does that well, and no one else is touching it.
So, they're both great, but, no one is Richard.
You only get one of those in a millenium.
Dammit, they always die on us too.

Bobby Fischer

Fucking nut.

Man of La Mancha

Story of my frikkin life.


Match Game

Paul Lynde was on this, wasn't he?
Paul Lynde or glory?
You decide!

Jesus Christ Superstar


Homosexuality no longer considered a mental disorder

Well, clearly the "Liberace or glory?", guy would never agree to that.

Cher's "Half-Breed"

Eh...not good.
Sits badly in my ear.
Y'know who likes Cher?
The gays.
Cher or glory?


Yep, Terminator stole everything from this.
Mash together Westworld, and Forbin: The Colossus Project, bam, Terminator.
Heh, ain't for nothin' I'm a geek, I know my shit.

Vicki Lawrence's "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"

I never knew until recently that "Mama", sang this.

Charlie perfume

All I remember is Cyndi Crawford's awful commercial for this in the 90's where she sings.

Steve McQueen

Ehh, I heard he was a shitty husband, so...not on my heroes list...

Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On"

It's almost got the rythm of "bow chikka bow", go ahead, add the words to it, it works.
That's why people are turned on by it.
It's subliminal.

The Streets of San Francisco

Never saw it.

Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii

Was this before, or during his descent into the jumpsuits period?
Y'know who talked him into the jumpsuits?
Liberace or glory?

Celebrity Bowling

Didn't see it.
Probably a good thing.



Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water"

Too fucking laid back.
You hear this, you know someone in the next room is doing pot.

Paper Moon

Yeah...the whole real life Tatum O'Neal story creeps me out, so I can't even watch this.
"Oh, hee, hee, how cute, a little girl that acts like a grownup, here, have some drugs, little girl!".

American Graffiti Lucas CAN write and direct a movie with likable relatable human happened?
What. The. Fuck. Happened?


The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Wasn't into it.
The folks watched the whole damned thing though.

The Street Fighter (Japan)

Not ringingn' a bell...not gonna cheat.

Electric Light Orchestra

Fire on high!!

String bikini

*Panting noises*


Gameshow, right?
Yeah, don't care.

Hank Aaron


Mikhail Baryshnikov's defection

Sports n' politics.

Chico and the Man

Chicooooo doooon't get discouraaaaged...
...and shoot yourself.
Yeah, that theme takes on a chilling tone considering RL events...

So...because of necro nepotism, we had to put up with Freddie Prinz Jr's trainwreck of a career.

You're dumb, America.
Pet rock dumb.
Talkin' to plants dumb.
"Liberace or glory?", dumb.
Stop it.
Just stop it.

Harlem Globetrotters

Favorite guest stars of the Scooby Doo gang.

Burt Reynolds

Only good movies were Deliverance, and Boogie Nights.

Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe"

*Tries to do the voice, hurts self*


Coulda sworn 80's.
Well, there you go.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

A depressing divorce story becomes a zany sitcom.
Only in America.

Gladys Knight & the Pips' "Midnight Train to Georgia"

Laid back, but not POT laid back.

Sit n' Spin

Did the toy come first, or the rude suggestion?
Cuz if it was the latter, that's fuckin' messed up.

Heimlich maneuver

I hope this saved some people who'll make the world better, and not just a bunch of goons who can't manage to chew...


Didn't see it.

And, I'm alive again....



Didn't see it.

Dog Day Afternoon

Didn't see it.

Skateboard craze

My uncles were into boarding for a bit.


The dance? Meh.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Source of one of my favorite songs.

Patti Labelle's "Lady Marmalade"

Disco. Meh.

1975 World Series

Don't care.


Rollerderby of death! Yeah!
Fuck the remake.
Fuck every remake.
Of the ass.

Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Wasn't me, I have an alibi.

Bruce Springsteen's "Thunder Road"

Much prefer this one.

AMC Pacer

Don't care.

Joe Namath appears in a Beautymist pantyhose commercial



Okay, I gotta get this out, Warren Beatty, male bimbo.
Can you point to any movie he was in that was one of the GREAT films?
All right, MAYBE Bonnie & Clyde.
Depends on the tilt you're looking at film history with.
Robert Redford's another one.
Overrated male bimbo.
Tired of hearing about these people in the same breath as people like Anthony Hopkins.



The Swiss Family Robinson (TV series)

I remember the movie...the show, not so much...

Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful"

Can be heartfelt, or maudlin pap depending who sings it.
Joe Cockers? Ehhh...

The Return of the Pink Panther

Never got into these.



Beautiful, and depressing at the same time.
The depressing part is its prescience.
What a horrible world.

Fleetwood Mac

I like 'em, but a little bit goes a long way.

Starland Vocal Band's "Afternoon Delight"

Nooners needed a song?

In Search of...

Love 'em.
Nimoy rules.
Yeah, they had a lot of supernatural bullshit, but he did ones on historical figures, even Van Gogh.
But, Nimoy squeezes Van Gogh into everything.
He's a total fanboy for him.
I get a kick out of that.

Laser shows

Groovy, man!

The Doobie Brothers

See above.

The Omen

Scary enough, sequels were abortions.

Rick Dees' "Disco Duck"

*Eye roll*

Nadia Comaneci


Thin Lizzy

Drawing a blank...

Paul McCartney/Wings

Y'know...I think we'd be looking back more fondly on "Sir Paul", if he were dead.
What we've got now is just an old geezer with an air of sniffy bored arrogance.
It'll be Ringo next though.

Freaky Friday

Jodie Foster or glory?
Oh, that's awful...

Captain and Tennille


King Kong

The remake?
Eh....I wiped a booger of contempt on this one for the longest time...but the Peter Jackson remake made this look like a Mozart concerto.
Leave King Kong alone, dammit.
Just stop.


Pumping Iron

A star is born in Schwarzenegger.

Billy Beer

Never had any.

Quincy, M.E.

Eh, not bad.
Except the one where he lectured some punk rocker kids.
That was a groaner.


The ads for this horrified me as a kid.
There was always some goofy broad letting her kids saw their arms off out in the garage or something, while she relaxed in her magic bath.
Advertising hasn't gotten much better in 35 years.

The Kentucky Fried Movie

The source of this lovely toe tapping ditty....

The Joker's Wild

'Nother goofy game show.
Don't care.

Leif Garrett

Ohhh, thiiis is the era he was from.
I wasn't a teenage girl, so, that's why I didn't notice.
Well, he's a fuckin' mess now ain't he?
Fame can be a toxin for some people.
I reiterate my Michael Jackson rant in year one of part 1 of this 70's thing.

Name That Tune

'Geez, lotta dippy damned gameshows in this....

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

Don't care.

Plato's Retreat

Plato's retreat or glory?

Ted Nugent

The Nooge!
Little bit of him goes a long way.
He can be funny though, even though politically, I agree with him on nothing.

Oh, God!


Slap Shot


Meat Loaf

Jack Black's dad!

Elvis dies

No, it was really Sebastian Haff!

The Deep and Orca

I remember seeing this on TV, and only seeing the killer whale die at the end, and me bawling, thinking it was real, and wanting justice.
Damned lucky I didn't end up a PETA activist.


Battlestar Galactica

I was more into Buck Rogers.
Buck Rogers had a cute robot, and Erin Gray, and BSG took itself too seriously.
The remake took itself WAY too seriously.

Andy Gibb

Spare BeeGee.

Leon Spinks wins Heavyweight Title over Muhammad Ali

Well, he had to be beaten sometime...

Mr. Whipple

Yep...he existed...

Dawn of the Dead

The Star Wars of horror.
The whole "survival horror", genre traces back to this.
World War Z, The Walking Dead, this one did everything they're doing first, and as well.
Nothing tops it.
Fucking perfect.


Started that neverending bullshit of cutting a can, then cutting a tomato.
Look, a dull fucking knife can cut a fucking tomato.
A RUINED fucking knife can cut a tomato.
Cut a fucking STEAK after you ruin it on a cement block, I dare ya.
Never gonna happen.
It's all bullshit.




The strip?

Barney Miller

Didn't watch it.

Cheryl Tiegs

Oh, yeah, first swimsuit issue.
Huh huh.

Billy Joel

Tch, one minute, one of the greatest singer/songwriters on the planet, next minute, a running drunk-driving joke on Conan.
Life can be like that.

Kristy McNichol

I only remember her from "empty nest".
And I didn't care for that.

Ice Castles

No thanks.

Doctor Who

Hmm, he was around longer than this...maybe it was Tom Baker being a hit in the states?


Ah, the 80's start to rear up again.


Had a lot of fun with this little electronic beeping box.
Tic tac toe, music maker, neat little gadget.

Heaven Can Wait.

Again with friggin' Beatty.
Get over him, America.

Midnight Express

Oh, yeah, the hash smuggling flick.
Only seen the begining.
I assume things go downhill?


Rock 'n' Roll High School

Finally some real fuckin' rock n' roll after the siren song of submission for so long.
Your fault, boomers.
Dunno what the fuck happened to ya.

Charlie Daniels Band's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

Heh, Muppet Show did a good take on this.



The Amityville Horror

Based on a true story my ass.
They goddamned made it up like any Stephen King book.
They still lie this shamelessly, there's that new Anthony Hopkins possession flick out that says it really happened.

Well, Amityville's got Margot Kidder...that's somethin...

Oh, yeah, speaking of Margot Kidder, check out "some kind of hero", she plays a hooker who fucks the shit out of Richard Pryor, and you can see bits of her naked.
My childhood fantasy after all this time.
And that flick wouldn't even exist without Pryor.
Thank you, Richard.
You really were some kind of hero.

The B-52's' "Rock Lobster"

Eh, it's cute, didn't shake the world or nothin.

Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage"

Was "muffin man", on this one?

Trapper John, M.D.

Never saw it.

Disco Demolition Night

Well, the populace did turn against disco...maybe humanity CAN be redeemed...



The Rose

The song in the proper context sung by the right person can give me the sniffles.
The movie, not so much.

McDonald's Happy Meals

Ahh, yes, a happy childhood memory, manufactured by a heartless corporation.
I'm conflicted, naturally.

The White Shadow

Didn't see it.
The SNL parody was good though.

Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

More transition to the 80's sound.


And right away, the boomers start memorializing themselves.

And there, done with the fuggin' 70's.
A lot that made me despair for humanity, but the death of disco, the rise of punk, and metal, all the incredible films, it gives me hope, let's see how the 80's turned out...

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