Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 0).


Yep, we're not done with this yet.

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

Now, I'm reviewing the digital edition 2 hour 13 minute extended cut.

Two weeks from today comes the Blu-Ray with extended cut, theatrical cut, and a ton of other goodies. Gonna go right to Bullmoose to grab it, so the review will be up pretty quick.

Rundown (some slight spoilers, but I have to spoil to discuss changes)-

  • Still love it.
  • This cut's even better, a 9.5 up from 9.
  • Extra scenes, extended scenes, and alternate jokes swapped out, and they're all better!!
  • Except...they swapped out "you try to resist these salty parabolas", for "once you pop...". Ehh...salty parabolas was way better. Fans have even done t-shirts of it. It's a beloved line.
  • Erin gets in an f-bomb!
  • Kevin is funnier.
  • Holtzmann is even funnier. She has a lot of cut raunchier lines, and more overt gay flirting.
  • Speaking of, you know the Holtzmann wearing a purple wig scene the haters shat blood over? They went with a way funnier version in this cut! Why the fuck didn't they go with that cut!?
  • I'm just as stymied by this, as the 3 hour cut of BvS, why didn't they just release this cut!?!? It's long for Ghostbusters, but it's shorter than the theatrical cut of BvS, they could have put it out there! *Sigh* well, we've got it now. 
  • A shortened version of the credits dance scene is in the film, and it doesn't slow things down. Although, the full version might have. If you hate it, there's the theatrical cut. I didn't mind it.
  • Speaking of dance scenes, we get Erin and Abby doing a musical skit they did in high school that's both funny, and gives us some exposition on the ghost world. Funnier still is Holtzmann's reaction. Did I mention Holtzmann is even funnier?
  • We get a little more with Rowan. An extra scene, and some more fucked up dialog when he talks to Erin.
  • They cross the streams in this one.
  • The "we have fun", line when Holtzmann drives off in the Ecto has some setup that makes it funny instead of quirky and odd and out of nowhere now.
  • After Bill Murray gets thrown out the window, Holtzmann says "he wasn't Ghostbuster material anyway". Oh man, that puts a period on the whole thing! That's way better! Why was that cut?!?! Dammit!!
  • Erin in the hotel room makes a little more sense now.
  • The scene where Erin punches the blogger from the featurette is in there, and sets the hotel thing up.
  • Almost every scene has some kind of extensions.
  • Yeah, everything's mostly better in this cut. I only miss "salty parabolas", but the theatrical cut has it, and the Blu-Ray has the theatrical cut, so it's not even a loss.
  • If you loved the film already, pretty sure you'll love this even more.
  • Definitely recommended, but it's almost redundant to, as I think all release formats will have this cut available.

So, that's the film. For the physical Blu-Ray, I'll dig into the bonuses.

Next week, Ash premiere, then the GB16/GBATC blu-ray!


B. D. said...

I've got a film for you....


Diacanu said...

*IMDBs it*
OMFG, it's real!!
Whelp, that goes on the X-Mas list...

B. D. said...

Yeah, it's real alright.

I haven't seen it, but the idea of some supergirl who goes around killing people by sucking them into her vagina is fairly hilarious to me.

I found it on the "moria.co.nz" site ("The SF, Horror, And Fantasy Review" in IMDb external links), which is sort of dubious (the dude has a rather whiny tone sometimes and gave the original "Saw" 5 stars) but his comments that it was "hilariously offensive" caught my eye, so I've been recommending it to others anyway.

So, lemme know how that turns out.

Here's the review...


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