Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Happy 50th anniversary Star Trek!

Obviously, the 48th and 49th were so uneventful, I didn't cover them at all. :-(

At least we've got some stuff this year, even though not a proper celebration.

Star Trek Beyond came out, and was actually worth going to theaters to see.

And, a sixth series (see logo above) "Star Trek: Discovery", is in development to come out January.

Produced by Bryan Fuller (from Hannibal!), set 10 years before TOS (putting it between "The Cage", and "Where No Man Has Gone Before"), the second in command will be the lead, be called "Number One", until the end of season 1, and they want a black woman in the role. They also want an openly gay character. No word on character names, much less casting. Seems like we knew a lot more about "Enterprise", at this stage.

Nicholas Meyer (Wrath Of Khan, Undiscovered Country) is also a producer.

Also, it'll be on a pay streaming version of CBS.
Like everyone just won't pirate it like they do "Thrones".
First season will be 13 episodes, future seasons (if there are any) will be 10 episodes.
Each season will have an enclosed arc.

Oh, and here's a trailer where you can see the ship.

So, ship, logo, 'bout all we've got for now.

See you next year for a recap.


B. D. said...

Please tell me Stephen King has commented on this already....

B. D. said...

Hah, more:

Oh Trek. I watched "Wrath Of Khan" for the first time the other day. I'm stunned at how little Khan was actually in it--he must have even less screen time than Anthony Hopkins did in "Silence Of The Lambs." His backstory is weirdly missing too. It's a good enough movie though (I'm going to watch it twice) and handily beats the first one. Why are so many complaints hurled at Kirstie Alley? She was hot before $cientology got a hold of her!

Diacanu said...

I dunno, I thought they summed up Khan's backstory just enough, and if you need more, there's always "Space Seed".
Well, glad you liked the flick overall.

Saw Argento's "Deep Red", and "Creepers", today.
I liked them.
Holy shit, finally seen good Argento movies!
"Tenebre", and "Suspiria", didn't do it for me, and that bummed me out, cuz I wanted to like them.
Saw the 2 hour cut of "Deep Red", and it dragged a bit, and that's my own fault.
An hour and a half would have been enough.

Diacanu said...

As for the Bozo-pervs in the woods, damn, am I glad I'm not a kid anymore, so I'm no longer sexy to creeps.

When you're a kid, you want to get old enough to turn off the pedos, then when you're a teen, you want to get old enough to turn off the draft board, then if you survive the gauntlet of pedo-clowns, and Republicans trying to start World War III, then you realize "fuck, next, the medical industry is gonna feed on me!".

Sooner or later, a predator's gonna get ya.

B. D. said...

"Death, taxes, predators"

What a depressing list. Especially if the predators are clowns.

Watched TWOK a second time. Okay yeah it ranks high on the list but I'm not quite sure it obviously screams "THIS IS THE GREATEST THING IN ALL TREK" at you. In fact I would probably give the nod to "City On The Edge Of Forever" and of course there's all this other Trek stuff I have to get to.

Argento: He absolutely has more bad movies than good ones. In descending order of quality, they are:

(good ones):
Deep Red ( least it's his most consistent movie)
Suspiria (it's got a lot of silly shit in it and verges on hard to take seriously)
Inferno (THE LEAST COHERENT MOVIE EVER MADE. You've got to see it once for that reason...I had to watch it on Youtube)
Phenomena (starring Jennifer Connelly in her "Labyrinth" days...Argento hung onto his 70s themes/style for a LONG time) (Wait, is this the one you saw? "Creepers" I think was an alternate title)
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
Opera (fairly straightforward)

( can skip 'em):
The Cat O'Nine Tails
Four Flies On Grey Velvet

Trauma (you'd think Argento wouldn't waste people like Piper Laurie and Brad Dourif, but he does! Also, the first of several movies he made starring his own daughter, who did nude scenes in his movies. Friggin' Italian pervs!)
The Stendhal Syndrome (had to watch on Youtube)
Mother Of Tears
"Jenifer" (his "Masters Of Horror" episode starring...uh...Steven Weber!)
"Pelts" (his other "Masters Of Horror" episode....starring Meat's just boring crap)
The Phantom Of The Opera (so wretched it has to be seen to be believed....a genuinely embarrassing zero-star turd; as Mark Prindle said, "THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT AND SHOT!")

The other stuff he's directed in recent years (he's 76 now) is supposed to be totally terrible. He was pretty unhappy with the reception "Trauma" got. I don't want to watch "Giallo" or his "Dracula" which probably didn't need to exist.

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