Friday, September 9, 2016

41st birthday haul part 3.

Or, lit review #11.

At long last, it's....

Tobin's Spirit Guide (2016)
(Official Ghostbusters Edition)

See here for "Ghosts From Our Past".

Keerist, ordered this when I got "Ash Vs Evil Dead", and just got it yesterday.

It's basically a Ghostbusters Necronomicon.
Being both a book and a prop.

It's narrated by Ray and Egon.
Set in the classic movie/'09 video game/IDW comic universe.

It's a bare bones listing of enemies, with commentary and illustration, no other deeper topics.

However, that's okay, just combine TSG and GFOP, you get the whole picture, and it's the dream Ghostbusters book you always wanted.

With the illustrations, and binding, and artificial distressing and wear, it's what you always wanted a book like Tobin's to look like.
It's like you stepped into that world, and took it out of their library.

Contains material cherry-picked from the movies, the '09 game, IDW comics, RGB, and at least one from EGB.

Small page count, only 97 pages long, but printed on thick pages.

Physically bigger than GFOP.

Should have put it in "GB16 hater's guide to merch", but I didn't know the universe/setting at the time.

Second printing is green, I got a red one.
Either would have made me happy.

Definitely get this if you're an 80's kid that grew up on this franchise.
Your inner 10 year old will thank you.

Lessee...bought 3 movie tickets, two boxes of Twinkies, the blu-rays of the originals, GFOP, TSG, and next is the GB16/GBATC blu-ray, so I've put my money into the Ghostbusters franchise pot, dammit.

Um, yep, that's it, that's everything I wanted for my birthday after much delay.

Now, all that's left for the Ghostbusters saga, is the blu-ray.
See you next time for that!

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