Monday, July 6, 2015

Big Summer Movies Part 3. (Part 6)

Now, after promising it for ages, fiiiiiiiinally....

Terminator Genisys (2015)

Series recap.

Now, the rundown.
  • Way better than 3 & 4, not quite up to the standards of 1 & 2, but still pretty damned entertaining.
  • Yeah screw it, I rank them 1, 2, and Genisys a very close third. Then 4, then 3.
  • Definitely worth seeing.
  • The negative critics can go fuck themselves. They have other reasons for going after this franchise that have nothing to do with the film. Fuck them and their petty biases.
  • Also ignore reviews from people who say "I can't keep track of this time travel! It's a mess!", they're dumb, or worse, playing dumb to look cool. Fuck 'em. 
  • Does my infographic hold up? Myyeeaah...sorta. Forget 3, 4, and SCC. We're in a tangent timeline that splits off from the beginning of 1. 
  • Did the trailer spoil all the twists? spoiled a big one, but the details are still important into how it's set up. And there's another twist, but the whole damned internet is trying to spoil it. Watch your step.
  • Even spoiled, I dug the flick though. 
  • Arnie is awesome, Emilia Clarke is all right, Jason Clarke is great, Jai Courtney..mehhh *wavey hand*. But, you won't care. Don't worry.
  • Lotta continuity candy for astute observers with a quick eye.
  • We could have used more of J.K. Simmons, but we'll probably get more of him in sequels.
  • Let's hope those sequels happen. 

Um, yep, that's it without going into spoiler territory.
Go see it.

Up next, Ant-Man.


B. Dee said...

I may wait for video for this one. I mean, if I saw 3 & 4, neither of which was terribly good, no reason to skip this one...


I bet the actor playing Newt is actually like 29 years old.

Paladin said...

I totally missed Robert Patrick. When Pops and the, uh, bad guy bust through the wall in the hospital, he's sitting to the left (talking on cellphone?).

Diacanu said...



Shit, if I'd known I was supposed to look for Robert Patrick, I would have.
That, and the post-credits scene.

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