Monday, July 27, 2015

Some overdue Paladin pics.

Bunch of these...

Avian Louse, as introduced in Season 2, Chapter 8.

Sigma-Max, as introduced in Season 2, Chapter 6.

Dr. Herbert, Chokie, and unmasked Dusty with Omneron hovering above.

I totally picture that as the VHS cover of the QD movie.
(Especially if it were colored in, hint, hint. ;-))

Shmegalamonga characters.

Front to back, left to right-
Harry Hembock, Chokecherry, Jade-Shade, Ms. Electrode, Spruce, Deathgrasp, Dr. Herbert, Zoria Bacillus, Commander Continuum, The Bishop, Blood Orange.

The Streetsweepers.

From left to right-
Sigma-Max, Blood Orange, Excruciationizer, Zoria Bacillus, Chokecherry, Jade-Shade, Dr. Herbert, Commander Continuum, Purple Pepper, Omneron, Eidolon.

Jadie & Chokie on patrol.

Great pose.

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