Monday, November 25, 2013

And oh yeah, Winamp is dead.


Goodbye, Winamp. (:-(

You served me well for 15 years, and through 5 computers.
Counting this one, until I upgraded to VLC.

It's all going away...
Nicely's, Nintendo Power, Geocities, my old Windows 95 computermalls, Twinkies for awhile, but with this one, the 90's are truly dead.

Tch, sad....but that's life, things keep changing.
I mean, hell, we're coming up on our 12th Dr. Who next month.

No, wait, Harry Hembock, he keeps the 90's alive. (8-D
All righty then. :-)

So, let's remember Winamp with a parade of my favorite skins.

*Wipes away a happy tear*
I was so happy....

And, of course, here's my own homemade ones!

See herehere, and here.

Good times, good times.
Whelp, onward to whatever's next!

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Sara said...

I always love to change my skins when i was younger, i hope, some day it will be alive again, but now i enjoy other app on my phone, because i love to play games like word with friend

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