Friday, November 1, 2013

Post-Halloween holidays announcement.

Okay, so, I'm going to severely curtail the holidays stuff this year, and in the future.

I can't keep losing October, November, December, January, and sometimes February to En-Mike-lopedia anymore.

I need to focus everything on Jade-Shade to get that done.
I've had chapter 21 lying in pieces waiting to be assembled since September 17th, then literally the next fucking day, Digby fucking died, and it took me two weeks to stop being messed up, and the third week to be back to normal, and then it was time to prepare for, and do Halloween.

So, yeah, that combination just destroyed everything else.

So, for November, I've basically got nothing for Thanksgiving, so, I'm just going to observe the day.

Christmas, there'll be some superhero updates, but not as much.
Not nearly as much.
I'm really just going to rush through that.
Just so ya know.

January 11th will be the anniversary of when I started the calendar, and I'm going to do a big recap of that, and dissect down to a BARE minimum the holidays I bother to observe anymore.

Basically, it'll be the big three of winter, some Harry milestones, Shmegalamonga anniversary, and a few others.
Very bare-bones.

En-Mike-lopedia and Calendar have served their practical purpose anyway.
They sparked the ideas that puzzle-pieced into Jade-Shade.
Jade-Shade is born now, time to focus on him.

So, in summation, bad news, less holidays.

Good news, Halloween will still be the big event.

So-so news, since my summer reviews grew into En-Mike-lopedia 2.5, you pretty much got your goodies anyway, you just got them early.
Count that as Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Halloween, the observance of Thanksgiving, and Christmas (and the handful of superhero updates), will be packaged up with 2.5 into 3.

Great news, lots more Jade-Shade.

Excellent news for me, after January, I'll be even less hindered by holidays.

Excellent news for you, even MORE Jade-Shade after that, because of that.

Ideally, I want to crank one out every single day.
I know I'll run into blocks, but if I can get the universe built up enough until it hits a "writes itself", stride, I'd like them to be daily.

And I'd like the novel to be ready by this time next year, but who knows.

But, there needs to be this radical restructuring to accomplish it.
There's only so much time in life, and keeping the Calendar has made me gloomily aware of it.

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