Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy 4th birthday, Jade Shade!

2016's milestones...

Since I want this to be the last bonus feature for the book, I'm not doing the other character birthdays this year.
And since I'm not, I'll do their annual updates here...


Well, I finally had her turn out to be the most important character after all in season 2, chapters 21-30.

Dr. Herbert-

Eh, he got short shrift in the final act, I won't lie.
But, he was important to the overall tapestry, and served his purpose.


She was the biggest winner at the end of it all, if you saw season 2, chapter 30.

Jadey himself-

He took a little bit of a back seat to Harry, but everything that came together was set in motion by him, and he reaped the benefits at the end.
So, chapter 30 was his win.

Everything else I needed to say, I pretty much said on Harry's 28th birthday.

Books are on their way.
Stay tuned.


B. D. said...


Diacanu said...

Yeah, Julio Iglesias was well known for his seig heil-ing at his concerts.
It was his thing.
It was a surprise to his mother's side of his family that were Jewish, but there you go.
(Can't keep a straight face)

B. D. said...

Van Halen did Anti-Soviet propaganda?!? What, because Everybody is not allowed to Want Some over there? SPARKS?!?!?!? The fruitiest band of all time? (I'm going through their discography RIGHT NOW! Remember Mike saying to $Legion$, "He has the fruitiest music tastes, he'll be like 'HEY MIKE!!! I GOT THE NEW TWISTED SISTER ALBUM!!!'")

Diacanu said...


I answered some of your other ones late, did you see I saw "Forbidden Zone"?
I dug it.
The end credits song is my new jam.

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