Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quantum Dissolve title announcement.

Now that QD is done, and I'm arranging the materials for the big compilation (see here), it occurs to me that technically, it's retroactively a Harryverse book, so I'm changing the title to...

Jade-Shade/Harry Hembock:
Quantum Dissolve.

Nice. huh?
Even sounds more comic book-y.

Then, the Harryverse compilation book will be "Harry Hembock: Shmegalamonga", then the compilation of HHS and JSHHQD will be "Harry Hembock: The Internet Adventures (1997-2017)".

THEN, I wanna do a compilation book of all my best rants and humor stuff from Krazyfool's, Shmegalamonga, and Facebook.
No title yet for that, but I'm tinkering with ideas.

Now, to link this to both the Harry Hembock and Jade-Shade pages.

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