Friday, January 20, 2017

Star Wars info-graphic update.

Last update.
5th Star Wars Day.

(Adding Rogue One poster)
Yeah, it's a dumb little ritual, but it's my dumb little ritual, and I'm gonna do it.


B. D. said...

Sweet lord, why did NOBODY tell me the poster for "Highlander" is so hilarious looking? Sweaty faced Christopher Lambert having a swordgasm?!? This is the funniest poster I've ever seen!!!

You were around back then--did you see this fucking thing? (The poster, screw the movie.)

Diacanu said...

See it? I posted it back in 2011!

Oh man, was I oblivious and naive, that's totally a sword-gasm now that I look at it.

B. D. said...

I must have not seen it back then.
Is the first movie good? I know that the first sequel is considered one of the worst piles of nonsense ever made.
I found it because I was looking up Christopher Lambert's filmography because he's in "Hail, Caesar" for about two minutes. Is it just me or did he always have kind of a Neanderthal look to him?

Also LOL:

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