Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 0.5).

Ahhh, here we are at last!
The finish line with this film...

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

Let's get right to it...
  • Extended cut was 9.5? Extended cut with bonus scenes, 10.
  • The disk has theatrical and extended cuts together, and you can swap between them. So, when I get to "salty parabolas", I can go to theatrical, then go right back to the rest of the extended cut.
  • *Spoilers ahead*
  • One deleted scene resolves the Holzmann/Gilbert thing once and for all. It's an extended version of the Rebecca Gorin scene (Sigourney Weaver's cameo character) Holtz tells Goran "I'm dating her", and indicates Erin. Erin says ", I'm dating our receptionist", then Abby's like (sad sympathetic face) "'s not true", then Holtz is like "...well, guess it's back to the drawing board with this one!". So, that retcons that all her weird behavior towards Erin was indeed flirting. Crazy awkward geeky flirting, but there you go. Confirms what I already knew. So, the shipper fan-ficcers will be squealing with delight over that.
  • A deleted scene finally fills in the missing piece with Erin leaving the team. It happens after Erin punches the blogger, but before Abby gets possessed. Erin goes back to the college to try to convince the Dean (Charles Dance), that ghosts and ghostbusting are real to get her job back. The Dean humors her, and then has her hauled out by security, then Abby is waiting for her outside, and they have a tear jerking scene about how Erin can't handle being made fun of, but Abby can, and Abby can't stand Erin running away and hating herself anymore, and they break up as friends. That was good meaty stuff!! And it makes Erin's return and sacrifice at the end have weight and make more sense!! That needs to be in the film!!! Argh!!
  • Also, there's a tack on to the above scene where Erin watches the old public access clip on Youtube of Abby plugging "Ghosts From Our Past", by herself, because Erin bailed on her right then. So, that picks up in the timeline immediately after the book ends. 
  • There are batches of alternate takes for Patty, Kevin, and Holtzmann. The Holtzmann one is full of juicy stuff, including alternate takes for the wig joke that were WAYY funnier. 
  • Throughout everything, you'll go "why didn't they use THAT take!!?! Why did they cut THAT?!?! But, we've got it all now so...
  • There's even a whole alternate ending where instead of being randomly grabbed by Rowan, Abby deliberately uses herself as bait to get Rowan into the portal, THEN Erin goes in after her. Eh, I like the one they used, but it's cool to see it.
  • That last one's not on the disk, you have to buy it extra on I-tunes. Fuck I-tunes. Someone had it up on Youtube before Sony destroyed them. Thank you, vanished dead person. 
  • Anyhoo, get ready for a hundred fan edits of the film using the alternate and deleted scenes.
  • Overall, it's a jam packed blu-ray. Between bonus scenes, featurettes, and the two commentaries, I was up all fucking night with it. My hunger for this film is sated.
  • Yeah, for a movie that was allegedly so despised, we got a lot more on this than a genuine hit usually does. It felt like I was as at least as long with this as the blu-ray of BvS. Probably longer.
  • Next up, the all three Ghostbusters movie marathon!! Heh, don't worry, that's just for me, there'll be no review. ;-)

Ahhh, I'm so fucking happy. :-D
My patience was truly rewarded.
I put this up there with "Freddy vs Jason", and "The Force Awakens", for movies that took a long fucking time to get here, and ultimately delivered the goods.

Now the journey with this flick is truly complete!
All that remains for me, is to retro link this one here, here, here, and here.

Next up, Doctor Strange, and Rogue One!!

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Diacanu said...

It ain't over yet!!

IDW is doing the crossover! "Ghostbusters 101".

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