Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Part 4: Under the wire, and through a loophole!

And here we are, we finally made it!
Back to my favorite cosmic revolution spot for the fourth time.
Four of these, how time flies...

So, here's the previous 3 times...
  1. Happy Halloween!!!! (Hell yeah, ya fuckin boogins!!!!)
  2. Halloween Part 2: All the drugs in me, all the bugs in me!
  3. Halloween Part 3: Hi-jinks Ensue!!

And, here's this year's compilation...

And, here's the update-athon updates.

And, oh yeah, songs...

And, as always...

Merry Deathmas!
And a happy new candy! :-D

Next year, Pumpkin Potpurri.

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B. D. said...

Go listen to the Bauhaus song "Hollow Hills," it's a creepy ballad allegedly based on some Arthur Machen story (the "Great God Pan" guy, the one who was a huge Stephen King/H. P. Lovecraft influence)

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