Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sony-Spidey cinematic universe updates.

The not quite flop, but poor reception of "Amazing 2", has left them floundering, scrambling, and non-committal, but here's their fuzzy blurry outline.

Sinister Six (November 11, 2016)

This one has been pushed front and center.
Having villains be the stars is weird, but...there's going to be "Suicide Squad", so...okay.

Untitled female superhero movie (2017)

Female superhero, Spidey-verse, narrows it down pretty significantly to either Black-Cat, or Spider-Woman.
It'll probably be Black-Cat, or someone I've never heard of, but I'm crossing my fingers REALLY hard for Jessica Drew.

Amazing Spider-Man 3 (2018)

The critic/fan thrashing of "Amazing 2", seems to have scared the shit out of them, and they've moved this way down from 2016 to figure out what the fuck to do with themselves.
See next entry for the rest....

Venom/Carnage (???)

This one's suddenly in trouble.

No one can get clear word why, but the popular theory is that Venom/Carnage will now be the lead villains for "Amazing 3", to try to rescue it.

This is all a bunch of clumsy-assed amateur juggling here, no wonder the rumors are that Sony is now willing to consider loaning Spidey back out to Marvel for an Avengers team-up.

So, that's the Sony mess.

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B. D. said...

I'll fucking die laughing if this somehow leads to ANOTHER Spidey reboot, with them telling the same story a third freakin' time.

And you know what? I wouldn't entirely write off that possibility!!!

Also: I've caught most of the new Amazing Spideys on TV and such, and I think they're honestly almost completely worthless. Tobey/Raimi Spidey 2 remains the only honestly good Spidey movie. That's one out of 5--bad, bad batting average.

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