Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Terminator franchise update (part 2)

Part 1.

Argh, Keerist, it just keeps pouring out!
What a week!

So, EW just gave the basic plot.

A Terminator goes back to try to kill Sarah Conner at 9 years old, and it kills her parents.
Another good Terminator played by Arnold goes back to save her, raise her, and try to keep the timeline of T1 and T2 on course.
This is how he ages up to old-Arnold by the timeframe of this film.
Kyle Reese from 2029 is sent back to 1984 to complete his destiny as John Connor's dad in T1, and finds the timeline drastically altered.

Click here for the details, and the two covers showing all the non-Arnold characters.
Yeah, I feel dirty pimping EW, but it's the right thing to do....


Diacanu said...

Little bit of fun math...

Arnold was 37 when he did T1 in 1984

So, figure the standard T-800 looks like Arnold at 37 coming out of the mold.

Linda Hamilton was 28 when she did T1 in 1984

The dragon chick from Thrones is playing her at 27 in alternate 1984 in Genisys
That's pretty dead on.

The timeline was altered when Sarah Connor was 9

Linda Hamilton would have been 9 in 1965

If a fresh T-800 went back to 1965 at the approximate age of 37, it's imaginary birth would be 1928, and a person with the birthdate of 1928 would be 56 by the time of 1984
So, a fresh T-800 should only be physically 56 in 1984, not 67, Arnold's real age.
UNLESS the Termimator had some years on him even before jumping.
It's a difference of 11 years...
Arnold was 44 in T2, 56 in T3.
He was still looking good at 56, so well within the 48 he'd need to be.

In T4, the T-800 is invented in 2018, exactly 11 years before 2029.
And that's the extra 11 years you'd need Arnold to age before jumping.

Yep, it works out.

If any fanboy complains when it comes out that he aged too fast, slap 'em.

Diacanu said...

Termimator? Goddamn it!
I really wish we could edit comments.

B. D. said...

Hahahahah, is there gonna be another John Connor in this one? What'd that be, the twelfth person to play Connor? Remember when you posted about how they effed up and claimed John was supposed to be 10 in T2, which would mean the movie would have been set in 1995, but Judgment Day was 1997 and Edward Furlong would have been like 14? I wonder if this movie will do anything like that.

(Not to mention the idea of mullet-headed kids on motorcycles listening to Guns n' Roses in 1995!)

Also Sarah was supposed to be like 19, according to the script. Kyle Reese wasn't supposed to be very old either, like 21 IIRC. Both Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn were technically way too old!

Diacanu said...

It gets more fucked up.

"Sarah Connor Chronicles", says T2 happened in 1997, and that story picks up in 1999 with John just about to turn 16.

Yeah, pretty sure Guns N' Roses were dead and buried by the time "The Phantom Menace", came along.

As for John Connors, I just checked, and counting the new guy, there's 6.

Eddie Furlong, Michael Edwards as the adult John in T2, Nick Stahl from T3, Thomas Dekker from SCC, Christian Bale, and then the new guy, Jason Clarke.

So, you were halfway there.

B. D. said...


Oh, who cares.

By the time Bale played Connor (probably his weakest performance to date that I know of!) it became apparent to me that there's little reason to care who plays him. He was barely a "character" in T:Salvation, more of just an idea of "hero."

Is Sam Worthington still even acting? Dude fell off the map.

Diacanu said...

He's going to be making Avatar sequels until he's Arnold's age.

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