Monday, October 27, 2014

Slashers update (part 2)

'Nother Soska Sisters like last time.

ABCs Of Death 2 (2014)

An anthology film cut up into twenty six 5 minutes chunks by different directors.

Where it's anthology, I didn't need to see part 1, (unlike See No Evil) and I only gave a shit about the Soska's one.

They did "T is for torture porn".

Meh, all right, for 5 minutes.
A model is manhandled by sexist assholes, and then tentacles shoot out of her snoosh, and rape everybody.

In the post credits sequence, Lawrence Harvey from "Human Centipede 2", is jacking off to the "T", section, and, unsatisfied, says "how am I meant to wank to this?".


So, that's that one down.
Hopefully, they'll have more room to breathe in "XX".

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