Monday, December 23, 2013

Flicks I've watched (Part 24)

Part 23.

So, after seeing "Chronicle", one of the last straggler superhero films from my 2011 Christmas/new years reviews, and liking it enough I'm totally gonna buy it, I was naturally craving more, and got digging around for anything else I may have missed.
And, well...

The Wild, Wild, World of Batwoman (1966)

I saw the MST3K version, and do not, do NOT see it without Mike and The Robots helping you through the pain.

Pretty much, take "Rat Pfink A Boo-Boo", and suck the remaining joy out if it, and you get "Batwoman".
At least "Rat Pfink", has corny but catchy songs.

Samson vs The Vampire Women (1962)

See here.

Another one vastly improved by MST3K.
Plus, it was the one where TV's Frank left/died, and I had never seen it, so, viewing it served double duty.

They're all out there on Youtube.
Explore, enjoy.

I also watched the last Comedy Central episode, cuz I'd missed that one.
Remember, these were the years our shitty cable company refused to give us Comedy Central.
I only caught MST3Ks when I went over my grandfather's house, and he wasn't hogging the TV with drywall shows.

Anyway, yeah, this is terrible.

Mister Freedom (1969)

Ahhh, now this was more like it!
Another one of those "how in the Hell did I miss this one?", ones.

It really blows my fucking mind that this was around during the final season of Star Trek.
While Trek had to play coy with its political allegory, this really fucking WENT for it in full R rated glory!

So, the director of this got fed up with America because of Vietnam, ran away to France, like all good intellectuals at the time, and made this blatant rampaging slice of outright anti-American propaganda.

And I agreed with, and laughed at every fucking bit of it.

So, Mr. Freedom is America if it were a guy.
A bully, a moron, a racist, clumsily bursting in everywhere without being asked, randomly and casually murdering people while telling you he's granting you freedom, and singing retch-inducing patriotic jingles.

Yep, nailed it.
Truly, no one knows you better than your enemies.

But you know, much as this no doubt caused an outrage in its day, it's actually kind of soft nowadays.
South Park regularly beats the shit out of America way worse than this, and Matt & Trey are Libertarians.

Hell, "Team America", was almost this same exact movie, but done better.

Although, it gets high points for its fucking prescience.
You could change the corporation names, and it'd be about the various Reagan scandals, or Bush Jr. and Iraq II.
It's all the same fucking conspiracies.
They never stop, they never slow, they never miss a beat.
This'll be relevant 200 years from now.

I enjoyed it best of this batch, but overall, worth one watch, not worth owning.

It's heart was in the right place, its messages are timely, but as an actual entertainment film, it's just kinda clunky.

Soooo nope, I've seen all the good superhero movies.
If a lost masterpiece is hiding from me, it's hiding really fucking well.

So, that gets us up to #24, and I have another batch loaded and ready to go for tomorrow for #25.
25th on Christmas eve, how perfect is that?

Just hope freezing rain doesn't rip out our power.
That's usually my luck this time of year.

See you tomorrow...hopefully.

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