Friday, December 20, 2013

On pegs.

This goes out to any insecure dicks who think they have to start shit with me, because they think I "need to be taken down a couple pegs".
Fuck you, I'm keeping my pegs.
And I'm taking some of yours.
I ate humiliation for the first 20 years of my life, I don't lose pegs anymore, I get 'em back.
It's like a tax return.
School alone, 50 pegs. Just right there.
Wal-Mart, 20 pegs.
Then I put 'em in the peg bank, and get peg interest.
What, you thought it was a peg 401k, where I don't get to touch my pegs until I'm 60?
Fuck you. Dream on. I'm using my pegs in my fuckin' prime, man.
No, muthafucka, YOU lose pegs.
Every time you say I should lose some pegs, you lose 5 fuckin pegs.
Even whisper it behind my back so you think I can't hear, BAM, 5 pegs. Gone. Just like that.
You'd be amazed how fast it all goes.
One good hour of insecure uptight lip quivering seething, I get all your fucking pegs.
Doesn't bother my conscience at all.
Go earn your own fucking pegs, and leave my pegs out of it, asswipe.
And hey, what's with the peg system anyway?
Isn't that an antiquated system?
Why are we climbing the self-esteem ladder with removable pegs?
We've got fucking escalator technology.
Fuck, we've got rocket packs!
21st century, and we're still fucking around with pegs?
Doesn't seem right. Sounds like some bullshit a Republican economist would have thought up.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna cash in my pegs for a fucking rocket pack. Then you just try and get at me, ya assholes.

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