Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Superheroes Three: Part 2, DC.

All right, like last time, here's the prequels...

And, here we go...

Arrow (2012-present)

I haven't seen any of this.
It's "Smallville", all over again.

Although, it's not the "Smallville", Green Arrow, it's a reboot.

They're going to introduce Barry Allen in this, then give him a Flash spinoff.
The Barry Allen episodes are like, days away.

No word on how this effects the casting of The Flash in the presumably upcoming Justice League movie after "Superman/Batman", or if the show version will crossover, or what.

Anyway, here's DC's other TV plans.

"Gotham", a Batman prequel series with no Batman.
So, it'll be a police drama with young James Gordon, and the Gotham PD.
Some iconic villains will appear in earlier forms, but no word on who.

"Constantine", and this time he'll be a blonde Brit like he's supposed to be.
No word on how this effects Guillermo Del Toro's proposed "Justice League: Dark", film.

"Hourman", about...well, in the comics, it's about a guy who takes a pill that can gives him near-Superman levels of power for an hour, but rumor is, this'll be a supernatural thriller about a guy who can see an hour into the future.

"iZombie", based on a fairly new comic, a crime thriller about a female mortician who's a closet zombie, who when she eats a brain, gains the memories of the person, so she uses it to solve crimes. Also, eating brains makes her pass for human for awhile.

"Preacher", all I know about this, is the creator infused the character with his own Bill Hicks fandom.
Something about he gets his powers from the Christian God, or a hippie-dippie variation thereof.

A live-action "Young Justice". Yep, rumors of this too.

And, for movies, there's talk of DC's B-string and C-string heroes getting two lower budget movies a year.
No word at all on the characters involved.
So, they're about where Marvel was in 1999-2008.

Everything's "going to", and "going to be".
All that exists right now, is "Man Of Steel", and "Arrow".

Tomorrow, Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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