Saturday, December 28, 2013

Flicks I've watched (Part 26)

Part 25.

Okay, my Christmas haul post is coming...someday....but like everyone else in America, all my shit still hasn't arrived from Amazon.

Plus, one of the DVDs I did get was scratched, so I gotta go to Bullmoose, and buy it again, and if I even bother, may as well do all my post-Chrismas shopping, so, the review will be a double duty Christmas/post-Christmas deal.

But, in the meantime, I saw these...

The MoleMan Of Belmont Avenue (2013)

See here.


Four fucking years, and they finally released it!!
They snuck it out without fanfare in September.

....and it's a piece of shit.

All that film festival buzz, and that was it?

Well, it's better than "Inkubus", but that ain't saying much.
"Inkubus", was punishingly awful, but this was....just not good.
I kept daydreaming off on it.
Staring at my wall posters, and trying to come up with Jade-Shade ideas, and such.
Kinda one if you have a friend there, you both start talking over it.

Imagine an episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", with nothing funny in it, half the characters, and a monster that has like, two minutes of screen time, and you never ever get a good look at.
Or, imagine Abbot & Costello with no jokes, and they swear a lot.
But not in a funny way. least Robert Englund was good in it, but he's in it less than "Behind The Mask".

Total crap, avoid.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2011)

Okay, so, the new DVD version of the poster for "Moleman", had a critic blurb comparing it to this, and "Shaun Of The Dead".

So, figured I'd better see this.
And luckily, I saw it before "Moleman", or I might have passed on it.

It's good.
I'd put it....better than "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer", not quite as good as "Behind The Mask".

The premise is as clever as "Behind The Mask", though.

Tucker & Dale are good guys, but they keep being misinterpreted by the stock college-age victim-kids as the stock horror movie archetype creepy rednecks.
Hi-jinks ensue.

Alan Tudyk from "Firefly", plays Dale, and...the other guy is in a bunch of shows I don't watch.

No fucking WAY is "Moleman", in the same neighborhood as this and "Shaun".
Another fucking moron critic.

Yeah, I'd rank it from worst to best, "Inkubus", "Moleman", "Jack Brooks", "Tucker/Dale", "Leslie Vernon", "Shaun Of The Dead".

And, that's those.
Hopefully next, Christmas haul.

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