Sunday, October 6, 2013

Masters Of Horror! (Clive Barker)

Well, this one's not only easy, but a quickie.

Transmutations & Rawhead Rex 
(1985 & 1986)

Clive hated how these came out, and washes his hands and feet of 'em.
So, skip!

The Hellraisers (1987-1996)

See here.

The first four, anyway.
He directed the first one, and served as producer on the other three.
The other ones up to eight?
I dunno, I assume he got a check.
He didn't seem to give a shit after that.

See "Lord Of Illusions", for where he's taking this series next.

Nightbreed (1990)

I actually saw this at the theater.

I liked it all right as a kid.
I didn't know better.
It was butchered by the studio.

I read the book, and that was 10 times better.
The full Barker experience is in his books, the films really haven't done him justice.

The closest they've come IMHO, is the first 2 Hellraisers.
And, as intense as those are, they're still dulled down compared to the full gore and raunch of the books.

Anyway, "The Cabal Cut", of this one is coming to DVD.
Dunno if it fixes it.
Can't remember if the filth from the book was shot or not.

Candyman (1992)

See here.

Lord Of Illusions (1995)

Critics and fans went gaga over this, I just don't see it.
I thought it was pretty mediocre.

Anyway, Clive is writing a tome sized book, The Scarlet Gospels, where the Scott Bakula character from this meets Pinhead, and we'll see Pinhead's real origin, and the origin of all Cenobites, Pinhead will get a real Cenobite name, and then, Pinhead will die, and he's promised it'll be a humiliating death.

Quicksilver Highway (1997)

See here.

It all Bacons over to Stephen King.

Gods And Monsters (1998)

See here.

He was a producer on this.

Book Of Blood (2009)

Based on the framing stories for his "Books Of Blood".

Haven't seen it, sorry.

The Midnight Meat Train &
Dread (2008 & 2009)

Based on stories from "Books Of Blood".

Wow, people are raving about these, how did I miss them?
Well, I'll have to get on that.

So, I guess the Barker film universe has a happy ending after all.
I guess it's like the second Stephen King one, there was this stretch of mediocrity, and I tuned out, then was caught unaware by the rebirth.

Well, someone was supposed to tell me.

Anyhoo, that was Clive Barker.

Up next, Tobe Hooper.

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