Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy 26th anniversary ANOES 3!!

The best one!!

The Nightmare series reviews yet again.

And, this finally closes the circle, I got all of 'em.

The Dream Warriors song. (Natch)

The Dream Warriors reminiscence that I lazily linked before from here.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Oh, wow, I love this series of films.
It's very special to me.
I've ranted this before....

But, for this one, I'll go into specific memories.

Steve "again, of the Karate Kid incident", was spending the night at my house, and Ma was babysitting some friend's teen daughter, so, the girl wanted to see the marathon on HBO of the first two Nightmares, so, me n' Steve had to go to bed early, and Steve snuck out to peek, and I snuck out after him, and we saw the scene where Tina gets killed, then we got caught, and sent back to bed.

Well, I get woken up in the middle of the night, and Steve, who saw Creepshow before me, who saw Return Of The Living Dead before me, who saw American Werewolf In London before me "and lemme tell ya, he rubbed it in", woke up bawling his head off.

He'd had a fuckin' Freddy dream, and really thought he was gonna fuckin' die.

Part of me feels sympathetic, I'd had my brushes with sobbing nightmares too,'s a guy who'd been all cocky about his horror movie courage, and Freddy gets to him?

Freddy never got to me, I always dug Freddy.
Even moreso from then on.

Anyway, I finally would later see part 3, Dream Warriors, with my other friend "he with the snotty big sister", on his Cinemax, and man, that one was another life changer.
Really, with breathless tones, I uttered during the end credits "that's the best fuckin' movie I've seen in my life!".

And at the time, it was.
It had literally everything.

Blood, tits, jokes, scares, laughs, cutting edge effects, it advanced the story, gave you likable characters you could actually relate to, had celebrity cameos to ground it in our world, and then a pounding metal single for the end theme, it just hit every note for a cool movie period.
I was just blown away.

I really think it was the first R rated movie I saw begining to end, that wasn't some boomer-aged melodramatic sob story piece of bullshit.

It was really for me.
It was mine.

My friend shrugged it off like it was a trifle.
Man, he didn't get it.
After that, I was old enough to be able to follow the series on VHS.
What a joy.

What great years.

And that's it.
I'll compile these in a  "I love The Freddys", sequel, or something.

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