Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy 2nd birthday, Jade Shade!

Last year.

So, we're into year two now, and Jade-Shade is slowly becoming a thing.
The universe is fleshed out, and there's more and more characters.
With a shitload on the way.

Last time, I was up to chapter 21, now, I'm up to season 2, chapter 2, which equals chapter 40.
Eh, okay, but not so great.
Although, as mentioned on Thanksgiving and New Year's I've got a shitload of behind the scenes work done on seasons 2 and 3 raring to go.

Let's look at 2014's milestones.

Hopefully for 2015, I can get all the work I got done in 2014 turned into post-able chapters.
If I can knock out even half of it, it'll blow you all away.
Here's hoping.
Unless I'm waylaid by jackassery, it should happen.
Also, ditto the last couple paragraphs of this year's Harry anniversary.
Stay tuned.

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