Saturday, January 3, 2015

Shout out:

TrashEpics .com

Home of...

The Horror Timeline.

Which I have on good authority from the horse's mouth was inspired by my early primitive version in the writing section of Krazyfool's.

It's got an interactive thingy where you can view one franchise at a time, or multiple choice it to mix universes.
Very cool, and constantly up to date.

I'll add this over at links too.


B. D. said...

Gee, did they bother to include my totally worthless "Castlevania Connections Chronology" (CCC) based exclusively on the fact that SOTN takes place in 1792 and Drac comes back every 100 years? THEY'D BETTER HAVE!!!

I lol'd very hard at their Terminator chronology (which was a lot like yours) when they trashed the writers of T3.

B. D. said...

Hey lookit, a thread where bodybuilders argue how many days there are in a week!

Diacanu said...

Re: bodybuilders. *facepalm*

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