Saturday, November 15, 2014

Comics that changed my life forever (Part 4).

Ahhh, shit, shoulda done this in time for Halloween.
Well...I can retro-link it, I guess...

Weird Vampire Tales #502a (1981)

Funny thing, I don't remember this actual book, what I do remember, is THIS.

Heh, heh, yeah!

Some kid brought that onto the playground, and that messed me up, and excited me at the same time.

It burnt into my mind once and for all that the adults were full of shit punishing me all the time for drawing stuff like that, if other adults out there in the real world were making a fucking living off it.

"Hey, if school is to prepare me for my job, and I can't practice my job, what is this place even for?".

Apparently, those cross-eyed dolts didn't see it that way.

Anyway, I luckily stumbled onto that image curiosity Googling, and was able to trace back all the anthology issues it was reprinted in, and "Weird Vampire Tales", was the only one in the 1980's.
Gotta be that one.

The one the kid brought to school had the cover ripped off, and the little shit wouldn't let me read the fine print shit to lock in on it to find and buy somewhere.

Man, didn't you hate it when people were like that?
Didn't you, say, want to chop their heads off?
Y'know, inspired by comics?
Cuz they do that, you know.
No one's responsible, there's no such thing as free will, it's all movies and comics.
Only writers and artists have free agency, everyone else is a blank puppet.
...I digress...

Superman #400 (1984)

One of my favorite comics ever.
An anthology by all the greatest writers/artists at the time projecting what Superman would look like in the future.
The artist lineup is right on the cover.

The fuggin' cat shredded it. B-(

I just got it back though. B-)

Creepy #146 (1985)

Contains a story where a guy uses witchcraft to body-swap his bitchy girlfriend with his cat, then proceeds to fuck the shit out of his cat-girl.
But, it all backfires when he has to feed her and change her litter.

Like "Faust", I chickened out of buying it.
Probably woulda gotten thrown away on me.

Anyway, nabbed it today. B-)

Disgusting Comics: Hambo (1987)

I got "Disgusting Comics: Fatso Fanny", but I missed out on this one.
This one contained "Butcher Block", about a kid with a block for a head, and he sheathed his little cleaver in the cleft in his head, and then would whip out the cleaver to kill people, starting with his parents.

Man, these writers knew what kids wanted to see, I tell ya.

Anyway, I can't find this, I'm damned lucky I even got the cover to confirm I didn't hallucinate the thing.

What The--?! #5 (1989)

Wolverine vs. Punisher in parody form, long before they were ever allowed to meet for real.
It's a fucking riot.

Another one shredded by a cat.
Oh, and he pooped on it too.
No, not Wembley, the cat I had at the time, Fuzz-bucket.

Anyway, got it back.
And the whole rest of the fuggin' series too.



Monsters Attack #1 (1989)

Contained a story called "Weirdbeard", about a zombie lumberjack with a demon living under his beard, and in his neck.
Gory as hell.
Chickened out buying it.

Traced it down, anyway.
Least I know what it is.
Maybe someday...

So, that's those.
If I could get "Weird Vampires Tales", "Hambo", and "Monsters Attack", my collection would feel whole, I'm sure of it.

Now, to post and retro-link this puppy.

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