Sunday, July 13, 2014

One more quest. (Updated!!!)

Wow, THAT was quick!!!
I fucking found it!
I thought it would take fucking years!

So here's the post from just 2 days ago.
Read up, even the comments.
Especially the comments.

And here's the flick.

Night Of The Juggler (1980)

And here's how I found the damned thing.
Just like "The Demon Murder Case", dumb fucking luck.

I typed in "kidnapping movies", at Google, and one of the results was an IMDB user list.
"Night Of The Juggler", was the last entry, and was from 1980.
On a hunch, I cross-referenced with the HBO Guide Archive site, and NOTJ was still playing in 1984, dead center of my target range of 1983-1985.

Then, I did a Youtube search, and there it fucking was!
So, I was up to 2 am watching the fucking thing, and it indeed was the flick.

My trauma scene was indeed in there, and it wasn't "gross", at all.
In fact, that wino was the only one to die in the whole fucking flick, so my mother changing the channel was EXTRA wussy.
But, the dialog, circumstances, and it being a black dude was dead on, I'd remembered it well after all!

Oh, and dig this, James Brolin, Mandy Patinkin, Dan Hedaya (Nick Tortelli from Cheers), and Sharon Mitchell are in this thing!

Now, to the flick itself.
It has some tension up to, and a little after the wino killing, but for the last 45 minutes or so, it kind of runs out of gas, and it's one of those "come on, get over already", situations.
Not a great flick.
Glad I saw it though.

Searching just by titles, I never would have figured it out.
"Night Of The Juggler", sounds like a pretentious art-house thing about a French clown that juggles.
And the gold HIS SOUL!

Oh, and you know where the title comes from??
One line of stupid dialog.
The kidnapper rants and raves about rich people ruining his neighborhood, and says how they "juggle the books", and with his ransom of what he mistakes for a rich girl, tonight, HE will be the juggler!
Yeah, that's it.
The kidnapper is The Juggler, but he's never called that by anyone, or even by himself for the whole rest of the flick.
He laughs like Frank Gorshin a lot though.
James Brolin should have hit him with comic book "Biff!", "Bam!", "Splat!", explodeys at the end.

So, that's another one down.

Still gotta find that one with cowboys crossing an acid pit with a rope.

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Diacanu said...

Holy shit!!
I just found the cowboys and acid thing!
It was "The Wild Wild West", the episode "The Night Of The Bubbling Death".

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