Monday, July 14, 2014

My new quest.

From here...

Hmm, now what?

It landed in my lap last night.
I was watching the latest Red Letter Media review, and I heard a familiar name, and did some Googling, and...

I have a name for my pain.

Ed and Lorraine Warren.

They were the quacks connected to "The Demon Murder Case", and apparently, their wicked mischief didn't start or stop there.

Before that, they were involved with the case from "The Amityville Horror".
That created their reputation.
And that was all a bunch of bullshit.

But they were also involved with the cases that got made into "The Haunted", "The Conjuring", "The Haunting In Connecticut", and Lorraine Warren has some connection to "Deliver Us From Evil".

So, yeah, the mischief hasn't ended, we owe the fucking demon genre of shitty movies to this cow.
Ed died in '06, so it's just her now.

They're spoken of with respect. Mike from RLM treats her with kid gloves in the review of "Deliver Us From Evil", and their Wikipedia page not only soft-peddles criticisms of them, but studiously SCRUBS all reference to the demon murder trial that was the basis of "The Demon Murder Case".

The demon murder trial has its own Wiki page, and it links back to the Warrens, but not the other way around.
And the film is only briefly mentioned as an afterthought.

It's as if the thing was hard to find and find out about because the Warrens buried it.

Well, fuck you, sister, you don't deserve respect, and for your ass to be kissed.
I don't care that you're old.
What, you get away with it long enough, and get old and frail, and it gets erased like debt forgiveness?

The Warrens were scamsters, and scamsters are diabolical, and wicked.
It's no better than that cunt Sylvia Browne. I piss on her grave.

So, I finally know how I'm going to tackle next Halloween's "based on a true story", topic.

I'm going after the Warrens.
Like Jason after Freddy.
Like Will after Hannibal.
I'm going to tear down their legacy.
I won't sit by, and let this evil scamming bitch become the Mrs. Santa Claus of demon bullshit for all time.
I'm fighting back.
I'm gonna suffer through every shitty movie the Warrens had a hand in, and do running commentary.
One movie a day, running the flick on one side, and the blog editor on the other, and blog right along.

The Amityville sequels alone will get me through half the month.

That being done, I'll do some fun ones, like "Jaws", and "The Blob".
Oh, yeah, that had a bullshit "true story", that goes with it.
This trend goes way back.

So, yeah, there's my mission.
I'm re-energized.


Diacanu said...

I just figured out the format too!

I'll apply Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit to each one.

Billdude said...

Is THIS comic gonna change your life?

This article reads like something from the Onion!!!
I've expressed my stupefaction that Archie comics still existed and that ANYONE (who on Earth could the target audience be?) was still reading them, even little kids, but good Lord I had NO idea they were going for "sociopolitical relevance"!!!!

I saw the Warrens profiled in a recent magazine, which was stunningly respectful towards them. I, uh, really don't care for that sort of sheeeeit at all, so have fun.

Diacanu said...

Yeah, there's a big hoopla over the death of Archie, but I take it all in stride, because Superman was supposed to be dead.

He'll be gritty-rebooted in a couple months.

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