Friday, July 14, 2017

Big Summer Movies Part 5. (Part 5)

*"Hocus Pocus", by Focus*

Baby Driver (2017)

Previously from Edgar Wright...

Yeah, I know I said last time I was done with summer, and was gonna do the compilation next, but I updated, and said....

Ah, shit...okay, I'll add Baby Driver and Dark Tower to the list...

So, here we go!!
  • I dug it!
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Jamie Foxx is an excellent villain, a hundred times better than fuckin' Electro.
  • Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey are great villains as usual.
  • Best car chase movie I think I've ever seen. 
  • Very tense, as each bad guy bites it, you breath a sigh of relief.
  • Paul Williams!! (Google him, you millennial brats!)
  • Pulse pounding flick. Between the action and perfectly synced songs, it's a good jam.
  • I enjoyed it, but I'm not losing my shit over it like some people.
  • This is definitely Wright landing on his feet after being butt-raped by Marvel. Everything worked out all right for everybody.
  • Yeah, check it out. 
  • As for theater experience, I got the assigned seats layout right this time. ...and two asshole old guys sat in the back row with me, and talked all the way through to the very start of the feature. God, I fucking hate that. And everything they said was meaningless, uninteresting, and stupid. People with the biggest yaps have absolutely nothing to say. If they had talked during the movie, I fear I would have had to have killed them in the parking lot. Fortunately, they were silent. Or else drowned out by the flick.
  • Yeah, once you know how to work it though, I like assigned seats better. You can fiddle about in the bathroom or at concessions, and not worry about seat thieves. Your seat is waiting for you. 

Okay, that's it, I guess.

Next one is Dark Tower next month.
See you then!


B. D. said...

Paul Williams? PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE Paul Williams?!? I'm seein' this flick!!!!

Did the two old guys drive little red cars?

Diacanu said...

*Nods* yep, "Phantom Of The Paradise", Paul Williams.

Lol, no, they don't don't, but there are some little red cars in this.
Including at the beginning.

I can't give too much way, cuz it's one of those ones where every little thing weaves together including the action, so if I tell you one thing, it leads to more questions that make the sweater unravel and then you're spoiled.

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