Friday, July 28, 2017

Big Summer Movies Part 5. (Part 6)

*"Voices Carry", by Til Tuesday*

Atomic Blonde (2017)

From the director of "John Wick", and the upcoming "Deadpool 2".
Shit, I gotta get around to seeing "John Wick", everyone fucking raves about it.

Yeah, I said it was gonna be "Dark Tower", but I decided at the last minute to sneak this one in too.

  • I dug it.
  • I dunno if I like this or "Baby Driver", more. For right now, they're tied.
  • Oh, wait, Sofia Boutella lesbian scene! Okay, this one wins. 
  • Pay close attention, there's a lot of twists and reversals.
  • Great action scenes, and gorily realistic.
  • The 80's setting and soundtrack are sweet.
  • Hmm, 80's setting, 80's soundtrack, bloody kills, car chases, I think this is as close as you can get to a GTA movie!
  • Great cast. Theron is building her action cred, and Boutella is building her star power period. 
  • It's the action movie from Theron that I wanted "Aeon Flux", to be.
  • Glad I saw it, probably not gonna buy it.
  • If you're thinking of seeing it, go ahead and see it. It won't let you down.
  • I nailed assigned seating this time!
  • Drive home was a pain in the ass queue line behind slowpokes and dummies.

Next time, Dark Tower for sure!


Bee Dee said...

Oh geeeeeeeeeez...

You know, I had no idea until last year that "Voices Carry" was even from 1985, I thought it was form the early 90s. Let alone that it was the biggest hit ever sung by the nihilist German woman who lost her toe in "Big Lebowski."

B. Dee said...


B. D. said...

I know critics have never stopped you before but "The Dark Tower" is currently getting BURIED on the Tomatometer.

Diacanu said...

Part of me wants to spend the money on something else, but the part of me that wants to see my movie list to completion will probably be the part that wins.

As for the other two things, lol.

Diacanu said...

As you can see, I saw it, and dug it.

It's not perfect, but it doesn't suck either.
I can get being let down that it's not as huge as the books, but I honestly don't get the hate, and the shitty tomato score.

Sorry for the sluggish replies, this summer cold is kicking my ass.

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