Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Adding to my collection (Part 18)

Part 17.

X-Men and The Wolverine Collection (2014)


So, yeah, I always liked these flicks, but I wasn't a total nut for them for some reason, BUT I did love "The Wolverine", and I really was ga-ga for "First Class", but, I couldn't just collect those, because the series is so inter-connected, so, I had to keep waiting for a collector's set to get cheap enough for the weaker ones to essentially be free.

Well, that day arrived at last!

And...upon re-watching, seeing them all as a continuous super-movie....this is yet another series I think I like better than Star Wars.

These have all the character archetypes, and rock-em sock-em, and gee-whiz, BUT the messages, and values, and philosophical arguments are way better.
Way better.

Even the chintziest one, "Origins: Wolverine", better for you than Yoda's fortune cookie horseshit.
Seriously, I can back this up, and win the argument.
Try me.

Anyway, I'm all set now for "Days Of Future Past".
Which, is being pimped by Empire magazine as "the biggest superhero movie ever".

To which I always mentally add "until 'Age Of Ultron', comes out". ;-)

But, hey, I liked "The Wolverine", a smidge better than "Iron Man 3", so, maybe Fox is becoming a contender.
I don't have a stake in who "wins", my only stake is seeing awesome movies, so bring it all on.

Anyway, here's the links for my individual reviews of the flicks in the set.

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