Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter Twenty Two. (The myth behind the mask)

Six year old Kimber Allison sat down at her writing desk with a notepad and a sharpie marker, and began to jot down some ideas.

17 years later...

Dusty was mopping the halls.
As he walked by Mrs. Ellicot's class, he overheard her telling her kids a story.

He smiled.
He could tell right away, it was The Green Monster.

The gist of it was all there, virtually unchanged.
The Lentilville witches, dead baby in the swamp, witches burnt, witch-ghosts plant a curse, baby comes back as Green Monster for revenge, yadda yadda.

The kids loved it.
Kids being naturally sick and creepy, they interjected their own questions and ideas into the thing.
It was delightful.

Delightful that the seeds were being planted, possibly for more Jade-Shades down the line.

Dusty flashed back to a younger teenage Mrs. Ellicott, applying green makeup to the face of his younger self, and grinned again.
Full circle.

He moved along.
Plenty of school left to mop.

Dusty finished his shift, and bundled up against the shitty 2014 winter.
Coat, ski gloves, and a blue hunting cap.
It was a bitch out.
He couldn't wait to tell Irma about her old story still having legs.

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