Sunday, September 5, 2010

Location blogging #16- The woods out back.

Haven't been down here in years....
Here we go...

Okay, so, after hacking one's way through with a machete for a bit, one finally hits this spot where the trail clears.

Here, lemme illuminate the path....

Clear now? Okay.

So, we walk forward, and the path really gets nice and clear, and like something out of a painting on the cover of a fantasy novel, minus the critters.
Photo doesn't do it justice though.

I'll outline that in case it's a bit too fudgey...

So, we keep heading this way, and we finally hit what I consider the end.

It gets REALLY overgrown here, so, here's the path....

Now, one COULD keep going, but you'd need a machete, gloves, galoshes, bug repellent, goggles, a sack lunch, and an I-Pod, and you'd just pop out of somebody's back yard, and get shot, or have a dog running towards ya or something anyway.
Not worth it.

Now, off to the side here.... where there used to be a wild blueberry bush.

Used to be like, the point of coming up here.

(Highlights trail relative to location)
(Blue is edge of trail, red is direction of trail, green is where bush was)

Also past, and buried in the machete-shit, was some wild blackberries.

All gone now.

Anyhoo, last bit..

Turned completely around, and heading back to where the first pic was taken....

'Nother fantasy novel shot.

Path higlight...tippy top relative to the arrow is roughly the spot we started at...

So, that's it, that's "the wood road".

Spent a lot of my childhood up here.

Coming up for the blueberries, bringing toys, hacking down plants with toy swords, et cetera, et cetera.

Hmm, looking back, I think all that play planted the seeds for Harry Hembock.
Think it? I KNOW it.
Before I even gave him a name, Harry and the Harryverse were born up here.
Sweetser was just finally where he got written down.

Y'know, the spots up here would be good locations to shoot a horror movie or something.
I always jokingly call it "the Blair Witch woods".
It's got that quality to it.

Horror, something medieval, maybe Robin Hood-y, it's a cool woods.
(Well, that's why I played in it....)

Not with my equipment though, my camera is just this thing, remember.


Lotta good memories down the wood road.
I'll try to unlock/remember some more, but at least I got this entry to link back to for the reference when I do.

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