Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy 9/11 day again!

One more to go before the decade anniversary!

Aren't you so goddamned excited!?

Whelp, checked Movie Web just now, and no one had the bad taste to go out of their way to release their fucking schlock today.

So, maybe people saw my ruthless mocking, stroked their chins, had a discussion with their loved ones over the supper table, and they all discussed it with their friends, and so on, and so on, and it made a ripple, and no one went and saw those awful movies on 9/11, and it hurt the monsters in the wallets, and now, thanks to me, they've stopped it forever.

And maybe that's turned the tide against making this morbid occasion into a creepy jingoism fueling holiday.


I'd like to think I had a hand in stopping evil in its tracks.
It'd be neat to think that...

Anyway, not much new going on this 9/11.

Freedom Tower's finally being built I hear.
Took 'em fucking long enough.

Oh, right, that first batch of money that was gonna do it vanished down the gullets of bureaucratic termites, and they all just simply got away with it.

Mentally add those fucks to the legion of sociopaths.

Not much else for commentary, said it all on previous 9/11s...

Wow, three of these, the blog is growing fast.
I remember when it stood knee high to a grasshopper.

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