Saturday, June 5, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #33.

America is an irrational mess, and it's taken me 35 years to sort it out, cuz no one will give you a straight answer, because they're caught up in the irrational mess too.

But, here it is.
In summary.

Christianity, and capitalism don't go together.

They just don't.

Jesus ranted against rich people, and rich business people typically have to be ruthless, and decidedly anti-christian.

They just don't go together.
Completely opposing value systems.

Christianity, and nationalism don't go together.

They just don't.

These three things totally don't go together, they repel like, well, like oil in water.

Yet, your typical American believes in all three at the same fucking time.

And then wonder why anything that comes out of their mouth based on the premise of those three pillars being glued together comes out as incoherant bullshit.

So, how did these contradictory notions get glued together into an irrational malfunctioning triad?

Politicians trying to appeal to everybody.
Generations of presidents shoveling bullshit, layered on top of old, dumb, bad ideas not going away, and being carried over into the next cycle.

And that's what you get.

America. Nationalist, capitalist, and superstitious, all at the same time.

It's like having a country that's made up of gay Jewish Nazis.

Makes no fucking rational sense.

And wonder why we have so many people in therapy, and on pills.

And wonder why Dr. Phil has a steady stream of victims.

This is what happens. This is what you get.
I'm continually surprised that people are surprised.

Well, that's the dissection.
That's the core of it.
There are hundreds of other factors, but I really think that's the guts of it.

Hope this helps dissolve some confusion.

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