Monday, June 14, 2010

If The West were an episode of Star Trek...

....I'd have to say it'd probably be an episode of Voyager.

And the one where, the command crew, and anyone of good conscience in general, were barricaded up in the Holodeck, and playing the Fairhaven simulation.

Meanwhile, running firefights were going on in the corridors, violated women lay dead in their quarters, the Kazon have the bridge, and are using the Voyager to fight some other ship full of Kazon, and both Kazon leaders are being sucked off by babies, and are eating bowls of baby stew.

Meanwhile, everyone in the Holodeck, they just don't wanna hear about it.
And if anyone suggests shutting off Fairhaven, they'll be ripped apart with rusty razors.

Remember that one?

Just me?

Well, anyway, that one.

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