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Superheroes Five: Part 5, Superhero TV.

And, finally, the last one of these for this year.

Last year.



"Agents Of Shield", is still trucking along, and way better now than when it started.

Season 3 was about the forming of the team Secret Warriors who are Inhumans adjacent.

Powers Boothe played the villain Gideon Malick, and he didn't die, so he'll be back I'm sure.

The writer/producer of "12 Years A Slave", is developing a third (now fourth I guess) Marvel show for ABC.
No other details known.

The third show for ABC (but not the "12 years", guy one) will be the AoS spinoff "Marvel's Most Wanted", and have Adrianne Palicki as the star.

Several (as yet un-revealed) villains from the comics will appear in "Agent Carter", season 2.
Kurtwood Smith will also be in season 2.

Marvel/ABC are doing a sitcom based around "Damage Control", about a team that cleans up the wreckage from all the super battles.


Daredevil has been on, and was fucking excellent.

Daredevil has also been renewed for a second season.
Punisher (John Bernthal) and Elektra (√Člodie Yung) are going to be in it.
Matt Gerald will be Gladiator.
Did a post on Punisher being in it.

Jessica Jones came out and was even better than Daredevil.
Just fucking incredible.
I think these two Netflix shows are the best thing Marvel has ever made.
Onscreen wise, anyway.

Next up is Luke Cage produced by Cheo Hodari Coker who'll also write the first 2 episodes.

"Six Feet Under" and "Dexter" veteran Scott Buck will serve as showrunner on Netflix's "Iron Fist."

Rosario Dawson will be the crossover character for all 4 Netflix shows, she already popped up in the last episode of Jessica.

There are rumors of a "Moon Knight", Netflix series.
And there's a lot of fan wishing for a Punisher spinoff off of Daredevil.


Marvel and Fox have cut a deal so they can do X-Men based TV shows.
Dunno yet what Marvel got in the bargain.

Anyhoo, from FX, we get "Legion", about Professor X's son whose psychic powers drink up the minds of people who were in the room at that moment, and now they're his multiple personalities.
He starts out not knowing he has powers, and thinking he's insane.
The producers assure us this will be Marvel's "Breaking Bad".

From Fox, we get "Hellfire", about the Hellfire Club.
The group of rich evil mutants we saw in "X-Men: First Class".

They're basically The Illuminati that fevered Youtube right-wing wackaloons are so terrified of.

Disney XD

And, there's an animated series of "Guardians Of The Galaxy", that came out in September.
Haven't seen it.



Arrow is still plugging along.
The Atom has been on, got his suit, got his shrinking power, and has been on Flash, and is getting a spinoff.
Arrow and Flash have had two two-part crossovers, and they're going to be an annual tradition.
Doug Jones (Silver Surfer, Abe Sapian) has appeared as Deathbolt.

Flash is likewise plugging along, and getting better all the time.
Again, two two-part crossovers with Arrow so far.
Atom and Firestorm have shown up.
As have Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
The evil Flash opposite Zoom has been on, and I think it's John Wesley Shipp.
Mark Hamill has been on as the Trickster, and is returning for his second appearance next episode.
Wally West will also be on sometime this season.
Caitlin Snow will either become Killer Frost, or her dimensional opposite will show up as her. 
You may recall Killer Frost was my favorite character in "Batman: Assault On Arkham", which was basically really a Suicide Squad movie.

"Legends Of Tomorrow", will be the third series in the Arrow/Flash universe, and comes out in a couple months.
They're kind of a mini Justice League assembled from characters established in Arrow and Flash.
The lineup is Atom, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Heatwave, White Canary, and Rip Hunter.
The tone from the trailers is very "Avengers".

The CW is reportedly going to develop a solo series for Hawkgirl once "Legends" gets rolling.

Constantine was cancelled, but he crossed over to Arrow, and will be a main cast member of season 2 of "Legends", if it gets picked up.
Fingers crossed.

There's been an animated web series called "Vixen", that also exists in the Flash/Arrow-verse.
Haven't seen it yet.

I-zombie has been on, and I dug it a lot, but I've missed this (the second) season, and there are so many shows, I don't know when I'll ever catch back up to it if ever.

There's going to be a DC universe sitcom called "Powerless".
No graphic to go with it, cuz it's not based on a comic.
About a law firm that handles the aftermath of super battles.
Sounds like they pulled it out of their asses to compete with "Damage Control".
Meh, could still be good anyway.
I'm skeptical.

Supergirl has been on, and it's pretty good.
Bright, and fun, and hearkening to the DC animated days.

Amazingly, I don't hate Callista Flackhart as Kara's boss.
Helen Slater and Dean Caine have been on as Kara's step parents.
Owen Yeoman is going to be the villain Vartox.
In the comics, his appearance is based on Sean Connery in "Zardoz", which Vartox is clearly a mutation of.
Lexi Alexander will direct an episode.

Supergirl might crossover with The Flash.
It was dependent on if they ordered the full season for Supergirl, and they just did.


Gotham is still plugging along, and getting better all the time.
They had an arc with a kid who seemed like he was The Joker, but they copped out, and made him fake.

Chris Chalk has joined Gotham as Lucius Fox.
Lori Petty will join when it returns for the second half of the season.

Paul Reubens (A.K.A. Pee-Wee Herman) is playing Penguin's dad on a future episode.
This will be the first crossover with the movie continuity for Gotham.
Arrow and Flash have done it a bunch already.

"Lucifer", is going to be a show.
A spinoff of Sandman, so the first onscreen thingy of the Sandman-verse.

Tom Ellis has been cast as Lucifer.
Joining him are D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel, an angel, Rachael Harris as Linda, Lucifer's therapist, Nicholas Gonzalez as Dan, an LAPD detective, and Lauren German as Cloe Dancer.


"Preacher", is a real thing now, and coming soon.
Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) is the titular Preacher.
Ruth Negga (Raina on "Agents of SHIELD") will play Tulip.
Ian Colletti will play Arseface.
Joseph Gilgun will play Cassidy.


Can't get a straight story on whether or not the live action Teen Titans will be called "Titans", or "Blackbirds", but the lineup is supposedly Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Barbara Gordon, and Hawk and Dove.

(Network unknown, assuming Cartoon Network)

More animated Justice League TV is on the way!

Wow, DC's come a long way from just two years ago, when all that existed for them was "Arrow", and "Man Of Steel".

All the rest

"Heroes Reborn", was a thing.
I abstained.

Stan Lee is producing a show called "Lucky Man", about a guy with a magic luck amulet.
It's going to be a Britsh show from the producers of "Downton Abbey", and starring James Nesbitt.

There's going to be a series based on Dreadstar.
...I never read it. Here's a link.
A space opera set far enough into the future that the Milky Way Galaxy is gone.

There's going to be a series based on "Sex Criminals", about a couple who discovers that having orgasms together causes them to freeze time, which they use to commit robberies.
I hope it goes to premium cable so they can go full-force with the nudity.

They rebooted Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl as a web series.

A TV series will be made of "Lazarus".
From Image.
Yet another title I've never read.
About a dystopian future where rich families each own a Lazarus, which is a genetically engineered super solider to protect them.
Forever Carlyle is the Lazarus the story follows.

Universal is making a TV series of "The Wicked And The Divine".
About Gods and Demons that come to Earth in human form every century or so, and this time around, they're celebrities.

"American Gods", is going to be a TV series.
Based on a novel.

"The Boys", is being developed for TV.
About a gang of super strong goons who kill superheroes that go rogue.

Hack/Slash is being developed for TV.

They're remaking "Greatest American Hero".

MST3K is coming back thanks to Kickstarter.
Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt will be the new Mads.

There's talk that Rambo 5 will be a TV series instead of a movie.

Samurai Jack is coming back!

And finally, a new Star Trek series is finally in development.

I don't how I'm gonna watch all this shit!
I'm in the unique position of having to be choosey about what superhero/sci-fi shows I watch!
They always used to be such a thin trickle, I had to watch them all to sustain myself.
Now we're in a golden age.
Holy fucking shitballs.

Anyway, that's pretty much the end.
See you at Christmas.

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