Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy 1st birthday, Eidolon!

A year ago today, she premiered in Quantum Dissolve chapter 29.

Then, her origin was fleshed out in chapters 29.5 and season 2 chapter 3.

So, here's her RL origin.
I wanted a third character after Jade-Shade & Chokecherry, I wanted to complete the color scheme of green, red, blue, like the phosphors of a TV set, and years back, I also wanted Ennui from The Legion Of Liberty to be an expanded upon character in something someday.
So, all those ideas came together.
I had her appearance planned out fairly early on, but as I went along, I also wanted Dr. Herbert in there, and the future story morphed so that she was Dr. Herbert's daughter, so she had to be younger, and then it occurred to me, she should be as old as the millennium, so I dialed her age back to 14 (it should be 15 now, but I have to catch the story up).
As for the name, right up to almost the last minute, I almost kept Ennui, but I thought it was a bit on the nose, so I wanted to give her a side-kick-y type name spun off of Jade-Shade, and the only damned ghost name not used already in comic books was Eidolon.

THEN it occurred to me, I wanted Omneron in there, but as I said in this bit on Chokecherry, I want super-realism in this universe, and his kind of A.I. doesn't exist yet, so I made Omneron Eidolon's animated avatar.
So I effectively gave Omneron a body.

But...I might cheat that a bit anyway.
Stay tuned.

So, here's to future birthdays having more adventures to reference back to.


B. Dee said...


That's....well, unexpected...

Note also that this is one of the few remakes I wholeheartedly and completely support; the original film with Tim Curry was absolutely dreadful, IMO, so best of luck with the remake!

(I still hope they leave out King's disgusting little-kid orgy, though.)

Oh also Mad Max Fury Road is getting pretty damn glowing reviews.

Diacanu said...

Yeah, young Pennywise is odd, but he's a shapeshifter that can be whatever he wants, so I give it leeway.
The performance will be what matters.

I might go see Mad Max sometime next week.
We'll see how it goes.

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