Monday, April 17, 2017

Journey through Star Wars info-graphics part 1.

All right, I was gonna wait for all 6 to be complete, but it's the half way mark, and I've got 12 of the damned things, so let's do it multi-part...

Anyhoo, here it is, a timeline evolution of the Star Wars film resurgence from Disney deal, to Last Jedi in info-graphic updates.

0. Okay, so when this all started, when Disney bought Lucasfilm, we only knew about the sequel trilogy. So, I just slapped question marks onto the Thrawn covers.

1. Then, it was announced we'd get a standalone every other year, so we'd get a movie every year.
I slapped the Han Solo books between the Thrawn books, cuz they've got pretty colors. No other deep reason.

2. Then, finally, we got the title of episode 7. "The Force Awakens".

3. Then, the first standalone got its title. "Rogue One".

4. Then, the standalones got re-titled "anthology", and I really wish they'd stuck to that. But, whatever.

5. Then, "Rogue One", got a logo, and they were still sticking with "anthology", for awhile.

6. Then, we finally got word the other two anthologies would be Han Solo, and Boba-Fett. Josh Trank was supposed to do Boba-Fett, and it was officially confirmed after "Fantastic Four", flopped, and he was fired, that it was going to be Boba-Fett, but now it's shelved. And Han Solo is filming right now, so that's real. I'm still not counting Boba-Fett out yet.

7. We finally got the first teaser poster for "Force Awakens", and anthology got turned to "A Star Wars Story".

8. "Rogue One", got a newer logo, and it became clear that the "Star Wars Stories", would be phrased "_____A Star Wars Story".

9. We got the final "Force Awakens", poster.

10. The Final "Rogue One", poster came out. I didn't bother with the teasers this time.

11. Episode 8 got a title. "The Last Jedi".

12. "Last Jedi", got a teaser poster.

So, there, that's the first three of the six solidified into reality.
We're half way there now.

December is "Last Jedi", next year is Han Solo.
By then, we'll have a clearer picture of the third anthology.
See you then.


B. D. said...

Just out of curiosity: you're a "super-atheist," and you lived through the MTV 1980s. Were you aware of this hit song? (Released in 1986)

Diacanu said...

It gives a faint tingle of a memory...

I really dig it though!
Thanks for that!

Diacanu said...

Han Solo and Episode 9 are going back to May.

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