Sunday, April 27, 2014

Literature Review #8.

Literature Review #7.

Doctor Sleep (2013)

Excellent, loved it, can't wait for the movie.

A 40 year old Danny Torrence, and a 13 year old girl who's more powerful than he was as a kid go up against a Manson Family of lifeforce vampires lead by "Rose The Hat", a crazy bitch who wears a top hat.
Hi-jinks ensue.
And shenanigans.

Eh, didn't care for the Alcoholics Anonymous booster bullshit.
Danny pisses away the middle part of his life being a stinking drunk, so, by middle age, he finally crawls out of it with the help of AA, and they're Christian, and King is semi-religious, so AA it is *eyeroll*.
But, whatever, it grated, but it didn't gag me.
I could let it go.
Some critics couldn't.
Ah, well.

Analytical stuff-
I can't get other writers to talk shop with me.
Not the deep clockwork stuff, anyway.
There's not a logical reason I can calculate, so, I've assumed it's irrational ego shit.
Either they think I'm dogshit on their boots, and not worth talking to; or, maybe I'm better, and don't know it, and they're threatened by me.
Either way, phooey.
But, listening to King material read aloud in MP3 format, I can concentrate, and see the clockworks of the story in my mind, and go "ah, that's how he does that....I do that too! I'm on the right track!".
It helped me feel a lot better and secure about my thing I'm doing.
So, this book was invaluable as well as entertaining.

No one helps voluntarily, I have to fuckin' mind-meld it out.
*Sigh* way of the world, way of the world...

Anyway, thanks, Unca Stevie!

The audiobook is read by Will Patton, who played Quentin Glass in "The Punisher", which starred Thomas Jane, who also played the lead in "The Mist", by Stephen King.
I like little bits of synchronicity like that.

Technical stuff-
Why audiobooks lately?
Reading is a pain.
A literal physical pain.
If it's a thick book at all, I get hand cramps holding it open, and I get neck cramps from either looking down on it, or up at it, and the looking up at it from below pose hurts my arms and hand even more, and I can't find a comfortable position that can be held for hours at a time, so I'm tossing, and turning.
And I REALLY hate stopping and starting, I like to go through big chunks.
I'm a gorger in all forms of experience.
If I didn't have to eat, shit, and sleep, I'd go through non-stop.
Some of the Dune books I killed in a day like that.
And it fucking killed me back. I used to bounce back quicker in my 20's.
But, audio, I can have it read to me, and I can lay back, and get cozy.
I'm that lazy muthafucka I always used to make fun of.
Well, fuck it, I'm about as old as Danny Torrence, and my body is starting to crumble a little.
So, audio whenever possible nowadays.

No way in hell there won't be a movie, or miniseries of this.
John Cusack has said he'd like to be Danny.
Chloƫ Grace Moretz would have been good for Abra 3-4 years ago, dunno who they'd get now.
NO idea for who'd be Rosie The Hat, but the casting call for that would be HUGE.

Shining 3, whatever it would be called, would have to be about a grown up Abra, so another 20 years minimum of real time would have to go by, and King would be in his 80's, so...if he's not up to it, maybe Owen King, or Joe Hill could do it.
We'll have to see.

I'm tempted now to go through the whole Dark Tower series....but that would be a truly huge chunk of time, and I can't devote it right now.
Some day.

And, that's the end.

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