Friday, May 5, 2017

Halloween/Christmas updates.

From here....

Y'know what?
I don't give a fuck about updating all horror news.
I started the first Halloween only really giving a fuck about Freddy, Jason, and Ash.
Nowadays, it's Freddy, Jason, Ash, and Stranger Things.
And Death House.
So, next Halloween, update all this shit, then announce I'm whittling it down even more.

And from here...

You know what? 
Just like with the horror thread, I don't wanna keep track of every little thing anymore.

I'll keep up on Ghostbusters news, I'll keep up on Star Wars in my May the 4th posts, and I'll watch every Marvel and DC movie when they come out, and compile them in year end reviews, but keeping up with every off-brand thing, and every show is just getting crushing.

We nerds won.
I can relax now.

I made that initial Christmas series of posts before the MCU really kicked in, and to reflect on what a thin trickle superhero movies were leading up to that.
I was depressed, and trying to think back to the stuff in life that made me happy.
It was tough to scrounge up then.

Now I have infinite doses of my medicine, and I'm all right.

Okay I'll add stuff that jumps out and bites me, like "The Pro", movie.
But other than that...

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