Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Star Wars standalone update 3.


Cleaner version of the logo to "Rogue One", finally came out...

...so, time to tinker the damned infographic again.

OCD? Yeah, probably.


B. D. said...

Holy crap, I found this after so many years....isn't it so gloroiusly effed up?


Diacanu said...

I hope that was a troll or something, otherwise...wow.

B. D. said...

If that's fake, I wouldn't know whether to rejoice that that guy isn't actually a parent (or a college professor--the part about him teaching his class had me wanting to kill somebody) or whether to be disappointed like how I found out that the World of Warcraft freakout kid on Youtube (the kid who tries to shove the XBox controller up his butt) was fake, or how the prank phone calls to "Mr. Bergis" were fake.

At any rate what I found most fascinating about it was the hilariously awkward confluence of all sorts of shit from various parts of the sociopolitical spectrum--New Age religious spirituality fruitiness, anti-government libertarian/right-wing rage, Orwellian "we're all being ground up into homogeneity by the system" paranoia, overblown hippie love of one's child, that weird Mom-ism anti-school sentiment that's based on hating schools for giving out grades and thus teaching kids who flunk to feel inferior to kids who get As (the same sentiment that leads them to ban volleyball and stuff), and finally, the unbelievably disgusting shot of scatology tossed into the damn thing. This was posted on another board I read years ago and that last part is what stuck in my head and led me to look it up to make sure I wasn't hallucinating--I'm afraid I had to remember how "My tushy feel good, my vagina feel good" got stuck in my mind somehow. God, yuck.

The biggest hint that it's fake would be the way the sentiments are so emotionially overblown in that almost pornographic fashion, and yet so articulate. Typically this sort of thing would be inbred redneck troglodyte stuff and would have contained some whiff of heehaw racism or some other such silliness.

Finally, the movie "Birdman" doesn't have all that much to do with superheroes, was directed by a guy who actually hates superhero movies because he finds them too right-wing or something like that, is filmed in a lengthy series of dizzying tracking shots that I got tired of by the end of the film, and is all about really, really, really NEUROTIC people, like some Woody Allen movie or something. I was kind of disappointed in it, but I'm going to watch it again to be sure. Just a heads up in case you were going to see it because I didn't think you had, yet.

Michael Keaton's really good though!

Also, the captcha thingy makes you select pictures of bread now. Weird!!!

Diacanu said...

Yeah, I'd have to go with relieved if it were fake.

As for "Birdman", I've seen it, and *wavey hand* ehhh...

Performances were good, the story...ehhh...

It was different, I'll give it that.

B. D. said...

Oh, okay, you've seen it then.

I also have to admit that I find the ending so ambiguous that I don't even think it really means anything at all. It could mean, like, twenty different things.

I was about to come here to mention "whoops, forgot to note: Zach Galifinakis is in it" but I guess his character doesn't even get that much screen time. I'm surprised YOU didn't mention him, I know you hate that dude.

"Gone Girl" is fairly average.

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