Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy 5th observed Towel Day!


Billdude said...

Good lord. Leave it to TELLER (he has a cameo appearance in the godawful "Atlas Shrugged" movie, BTW! yes I did watch it!...IT'S SHIT!!!) to help assist in coming up with the only video game I can think of that's probably more excruciating than "E. T." (Not that I ever played either of them.) Did you know about this? Sounds like the game equivalent of Andy Kaufman reading "The Great Gatsby" in its entirety, or barring that maybe Andy Warhol's "Empire" movie which was just an 8 hour static shot of the Empire State Building.

You remember back in the mid 90s when there were lots of little parodies people would come up of the whole violence in video games thing? Super 3D Noah's Ark?

Diacanu said...

Funny you mention it, AVGN just reviewed Desert Bus for his 10th anniversary.
(The episode also serves as a prequel to the AVGN movie)

Billdude said...

I may see the AVGN movie too due to my obsession with that E. T. landfill story. (I don't always check his updates though.)

I did see the "Desert Bus" AVGN video too, and find it particularly hilarious that they chose the *Sega CD* to release the game on, given that by 1995 we all know that system was well on its last legs.

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