Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter Eight Point Five. (Dusty on the road)

From Dusty Irwin's notes.

You can actually stay pretty clean, healthy, and fed when you're effectively homeless.

You can bathe and shave out of public restroom sinks, a little bit of pocket money can get you toothpaste, and breath strips, and wet wipes, and deodorant, and then, there are laundromats.

There's no reason to be a humanoid dog turd.
Except, you know, alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental illness.

Society has no plan for what to do with these people.
Oh, there are obvious things, but, there's no political will for it.

The rich need these people to fulfill the evil self-esteem narrative they have going on.
That they're special, that they're chosen, that they're "hard workers", that they're "self-made".

How can the rich deserve to be rich, if the poor don't deserve to be poor?

So, they HAVE to be hated, and they have to be there to be hated, so, they have to be created.

If we had a scheme to publicly house these people, then they're not homeless, and that breaks the whole fairy tale down.

The rich, the powerful, with rare exception, don't deserve to feel good about themselves.
The proof is in the lies.
I'm going to have to do something about that someday.

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