Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring! (sorta)

And, there's the completed dial.

...what a mess.
I could draw on a more symmetrical one, but, I wanted it authentically Frankenstein-ed out of the 4 points, so there's the results.

And here's the new theme for spring....

Natural colors and red arrow against a negative.

Now, to bitch about winter.

Fuck you, January and February of 2015.
Fuck. You.
You miserable bitches.
Fuck you for the 6-8 feet of snowbanks.
Fuck you for the people you killed.
Fuck you for the broken snowblower.
Fuck you for the backbreaking shoveling.
Fuck you for the power outages that dangled us near death.
Fuck you for the bone-piercing wind chills.
Fuck you for the depression.
Fuck you for the cabin fever that bordered on madness.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

Thanks to January/February, I spit on the grave of the start of 2015.

Now, to spring.
Unlike last year, it's actually spring.
It's not WARM, best it gets so far is 40 degrees, but it's enough to help melt away the fucking snow, and that helps a LOT psychologically.
Feels like hope after a lot of relentless despair.

Maybe by next month, it'll be the real deal with living plants and stuff.
Here's hoping.

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