Thursday, July 15, 2010

Harry Hembock minisode 81-85!!!

A FIVE fer!!!
Phew, almost up to 90 in my backlog, talk about eye strain...
but, I decided to give ya the first 5 of the arc I'm on, so here ya go.

Okay, this batch is a sequel to Heck Backlash, so you might want to read that again as a reference.

Also, the original Nobody Loves Harry Hembock is heavily referenced, so you might want to skim that...

And, finally, Melvin Spauvac is referenced, and if you know that story, you'll get a kick out of 84, and 85. :)

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Paladin said...

Dear lord, the chronology of the Harryverse is twisted back on itself like some kinda cosmic pretzel! I like that all of your characters somehow tie in with one another. It's great to see Heck again!!!

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