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Why C.S. Lewis was a pathetic asshat.

Longtime readers with a good memory may wonder why I made him a...well, not quite a villain, but an...opponent in HH: Dark Designs minisiode #43.

Well, I think he was a fuckin' putz, and here's finally why.

Let's start with the film "Shadowlands".

I've got no real complaints about it in and of itself, in fact, just about anything with Anthony Hopkins gets a pass from me.

The general plot of this story is how he met his wife, adopted her children, and then how he lost her, it's a bittersweet love story, and a decent little film.

In and of itself.
Indeed, I cite it as reference to the one time C.S. was a real goddamned human man.
That sliver of time with his wife is the one time I give him some credit for not being a full on damaged deranged wackaloon.

And the film does very well to cut away when it does.

If only real life did the same, but no, C.S. bungled it all by plunging headlong into his Jesus-mania.
Chillingly so, from my perspective.

First, reread my rant on psychics.

The relevant part being this...., when it's a horrible charlatan like John Edward, we have no trouble at all seeing the problem, and speaking up against it.

The problem is obvious with anyone with a brain.

This vulture is not only exploiting grief, he's replacing the real memories of a real loved one with a dopey voice in a room.

There's very little that's uglier than that.

And all these mediums and psychics ply in that nasty trade.

Houdini knew it, he devoted the latter half of his career to debunking those motherfuckers, and he was a fucking hero for doing it.

BUT....replace John Edward with a minister, and ghosts with angels, and the pseudo-palliative somehow becomes acceptable.

This is loosely what Lewis suggests doing, and what he did, at the end of his book "A Grief Observed".

He claims that he replaced the love of his wife with the love of Jesus.
That's right, he flat out said he realized he had to love Jesus MORE than his wife.
He said he did this, and said to do this.
In fact, he saw the past version of himself that couldn't do this as weak.
So, by extension, if you don't do this, in his world, you're fucking weak.

Replacing the memories of your loved one with a dopey voice in a seance room, or replacing the memories of a loved one with a bronze aged imaginary friend, I really don't see the difference, and I can't see how this is at all psychologically healthy.

To put it mildly.
In fact, frankly, this is quite loathsome to me.

Ask anyone, if they'd like their grief over a death of a loved one removed by having their memories of them erased, not as a theoretical, but as a genuine offer, and they might just fucking punch you in the crotch.
And, rightly so, IMO.

But, this is exactly what Lewis offers us.
Why is it suddenly not repulsive when he Jesus-es it up?

And wait, isn't breaking familial/romantic bonds in favor of the deity, or, the great leader, exactly what fucking cults do?
Isn't this what we find so disgusting about the Jedi in the prequel trilogy?
Telling Anakin that "personal attachment", is "selfish"?

Fuck you, Jedi, Moonies, Jim Jones, Branch Davidians, $cientology, hippie communes where wife-swapping was compulsory, Soviet Communism, etc, etc,...and fuck you, C.S. Lewis.

Okay, him sucking his thumb, and coming up with this warped bit of consolation for himself, merely makes him pathetic.
Writing it in a journal, ditto.
Publishing the journal to make a quick buck, and inflicting the disease on other formerly unspoiled minds, well, then it crosses over into fucking diabolical.

Then, he becomes the Deepak Chopra of his day.

This was the disgusting person he became after his wife died, and it was the piece of crap he was before she came along.

Except before, he was sucking his thumb over the death of his mommy.
Well, that's no excuse, buddy.
Houdini was a momma's boy who lost his mom too, and he ate the red pill, not the blue one.

Thumb sucking coward.
You, and your pipe smoking Oxford buddies.

And it wouldn't be so bad, but Christians up to today think this schmuck is a genuine philosopher.

Well, I don't have much bad to say about the Narnia books though...I remember reading them all as a kid, and liking them.
I'm sure if I combed them over with adult eyes, I'd spot a lot of disguised morally offensive bits of "philosophy".

But, I just don't have the will to do so.

Others probably have already.
The internet has everything anyone ever thought of.

So...that's the big obvious concentrated iceberg tip of why I don't dig on C.S. Lewis, and why my flesh literally crawls when guys like Ethan from Axe Cop cite him like he was some fuckin' genius.

The rest of it is, well, every quote I can ever find on him is some bit of unfounded twaddle presented with an air of shitty smugness.
Well, like the ones in the linked Harry strip.

And those were the ones that didn't prattle.

So...that's my case.

So-so author, abominable philosopher, and as a human being, at best, a sick, sad old man, who needed some serious head-shrinking.

Sadly, the state of the art in those days was Freud.

But, that's another rant for another day...

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