Friday, August 10, 2012

While I'm at it, Armand Nicholi is a disingenuous snapperhead.

"Armand who?".

Author of the book "The Question Of God", that got turned into a PBS special in 2004.

What this thing is/was about, is an imaginary debate between Sigmund Freud, and C.S. Lewis over, y'know, the whole "God", question.

Why, out of all the possibilities, all the great philosophers, did he pick these two risible cranks?

Because, motivations wise, he's a disingenuous snapperhead (see title) and overall, he's a douche.

Now, he presents the thing, like it's an even-handed debate, and "you're left to make up your own mind".

But man, does the special ever lens-fog and "la-de-daaa!", up C.S. Lewis.

Conversely, it makes Freud look like...well, fucking Gollum traipsing through Mordor.

Atheism makes you saaaaad. :(
Christianity brings consolation, and joy! :D
Now, audience, which do you prefer?

Fuuuuuck off.

Why not pick for the Christian side... a dour joy-hating sourpuss like Jonathan Edward, and for the atheist side, the effervescent David Hume?

Because, that wouldn't suit the fucking agenda.
And Christianity might flat out LOSE that wrestling match, and America really can't have that!

Anyhoo, cute fact, Nicholi also bases a college course on this premise, must really be an easy fucking credit.

Just say C.S. Lewis is fucking wonderful, and helped you find Christ, and, bam, A+.

No wonder it's been popular enough to hang on for 35 years. it any wonder I find our culture as pathetic as I do?

Anyway, interspersed among the soft-focused C.S. Lewis anus-licking, are table discussions moderated by Nicholi.

For the atheist side, they have Michael Shermer, who's a trout, and...some even lighter lightweights who I can't even remember, and won't bother trying.

So...even those parts have the atheist point of view represented Alan Colmes style.
Y'know ineffectual as a wet noodle as a lock-pick.

Why not have..oh, I dunno, Richard Dawkins?
"The God Delusion", was 2 years away, but he'd long since written "The Selfish Gene", and that left it unambiguous where he stood, and left an impressive trail of dead faith in its wake.

Or, why not Dan Dennett?
"Breaking The Spell", was 2 years away for him too, but he'd already written "Darwin's Dangerous Idea", which was a tommy-gun spraying of atheism.

Indeed, it had been adapted into a BBC special, so his television bona fides were already well in order.
Or, hell, why didn't PBS just import that back over here?

Because. It didn't. Suit. The fucking. Agenda.

It didn't suit Armand Nicholi's fucking slimy smirking agenda, and it didn't suit the agenda of the neo-con corporate-royalist mind-control agenda to have it on air, and the bosses of PBS didn't want their heads at the ends of fucking mop handles as props for a Bane speech.

So, my fellow Americans, you were short-changed with yet another shitty mediocre piece of propaganda.

What you should have gotten, was Dawkin's companion special to "The God Delusion", titled "The Root Of All Evil?", which was never imported over here, but you can get on Youtube, and I'm going to link to.

THEN, let the Armand Nicoli's of the world have their little...thing, whatever they wanted to do.
As if Christianity hasn't HAD its say for the past couple centuries...

THEN you have the table pow-wow between the sides.

A REAL fucking debate with people able to hold their own, and the guts to "go there".

You didn't get that, America.
You're not GONNA get that.

You're NEVER going to get that from the mewling spineless fucks who run television.

So, it's up to the internet.
It's the only way you're going to hear anything real.

And there are forces that want to take even that away from us....*sigh*

So...before I'm murdered in the night like Stephen Fry in "V For Vendetta", and while I've still have time to breathe free,'s that info.

First, here's the special, so you really can make up your own mind about it...

The Question Of God- Part 1.
The Question Of God- Part 2.
The Question Of God- Part 3.
The Question Of God- Part 4.

..and, here's the Dawkins one for contrast.

The Root Of All Evil- Part 1.
The Root Of All Evil- Part 2.

NOW the debate can be had.

So...Nicholi did get me thinking, I suppose.
If not the way he wanted.

That special sincerely started me down the path towards my non-belief.

I dunno what it'll do for you dear reader, but at least, IMO, this way, you're not being played.

I'm fed up to sick with the pandering, and catering religion gets, and I'm really fed up with the playing by the players.
"Hate the game, not the playah"?
Who came up with that?
Fuck them.
Game wouldn't exist without fucking players, for fuck's sakes.

So, to bring it full circle, Armand Nicholi, another player, another hustler, another bullshit artist for the pile.
But..he came at the right time in my life, and now, I can recycle that experience into something good, and best of all, he won't make a dime off me.

Up next, more C.S. Lewis, and closing statements.

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